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Office 97 on a Win2k Pro Machine

By Skylermat ·
I installed Office 97 Pro on my Win2k machine which is connected to an NT Domain. I also installed the latest patch for Office 97 the SR2b patch. The problem is when i'm trying to open a document, word or in excel it's giving me a message that the particular file is already open and that i can't open two files even if they are in different directories. This message keeps on popping even though no one was using the other file. Is there something i need to do with my Win2k machine to avoid this message coz it's really annoying. thank you for the help in advance.

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Office 97 on a Win2k Pro Machine

by mcsarob In reply to Office 97 on a Win2k Pro ...

This is probably a case of the error message having little (or nothing) to do with the actual problem. Here are a few things to check:
1. Make sure that you are at least a Power User (member of the group that is) on your W2k Pro machine.
2. Check your user rights to the folder(s) where the files are located. Office likes to create a temp file when you open a document. Make sure you have the rights to create the temp file.
3. Speaking of temp files, ensure that there are no existing temp files lying around causing problems. Office 97 doesn't handle left-over temp files very well!
4. Are you able to open any [other] files? Will it let you create files? Depending upon your answer to these questions, I would also check to make sure you don't have a Macro virus -- they can cause all kinds of strange problems.
If you let me know the results of your testing, I'd be glad to offer some additional suggestions.

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Office 97 on a Win2k Pro Machine

by Skylermat In reply to Office 97 on a Win2k Pro ...

Hi, I encounter this even if i'm login as administrator. I can still create new files. Basically the files that i create doesn't have any problems. Only those files that was created by other users using Windows 98 and Windows 95. As per your advise i did checked the temp files and made sure no temp files are lying around. Hope to hear from you again. thank you in advance.

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