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hello guys iam learning IT Engineering it's my first time and i dont know where to start

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by jdclyde In reply to office assis

what, you want a cookie?

Start at the beginning, like everyone else.

Start with a specific field to go into. IT is a big field, and you have to specialize.

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I want a cookie. Can I have one? Can I? Can I?

by OnTheRopes In reply to And?

I don't never get no cookies.

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Was that your cookie I just ate? :0 -nt-

by dawgit In reply to I want a cookie. Can I ha ...

:^0 oh well, it was good too.

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A blantant violation of protocol

by jdclyde In reply to Was that your cookie I ju ...

To use the NO TEXT in your subject line, and then have text ANYWAYS!

Bad dawgit! BAD!

~whaps on the nose with a rolled up newspaper

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but, but....

by dawgit In reply to A blantant violation of p ...

You peeked. :^0 -d

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Everyone knows

by jdclyde In reply to I want a cookie. Can I ha ...

there are no cookies in ****! THAT is why you don't get any!


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That explains it!

by OnTheRopes In reply to Everyone knows

I knew there was a damned but good reason. :_| <br>

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I would

by maecuff In reply to And?

like a cookie.

Just a small one. chocolate chip, please. And a shot of tequila. If it's not too much trouble.

I just knocked the top of my foot against the edge of my desk and it hurt so bad I almost puked. Now, I have no feeling on the top of my foot. This is why I am requesting cookies and tequila.

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Now that I can live with

by jdclyde In reply to I would

provided it is strictly for medicinal purposes, and you would recieve no pleasure from said cookie and tequila.

Man, I haven't had any tequila since, hmmm, last night? mmmmmmm. B-)

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You should

by ganyssa In reply to I would

have been at work with me yesterday. I just finished a long, drawn out project and brought in chocolate chip cookies and lemon bars. I had threatened to bring in tequila if the release went badly, but alas, it was fairly smooth. I had to keep the tequila for myself. But I would have shared with you. The shovel sounds scary.

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