Office Communications Server 2007 Deployment Wizard

By jboldery ·
During the wizard, I get to screeN:

Service Account - Specify service accounts for SIP and components account.

I have a box to enter the "SIP service account" and the "Component service account".

My question is: Are these accounts supposed to already exist or am I creating them on this step? If they already exist, any suggestions on how to go about finding what they are?


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by p.j.hutchison In reply to Office Communications Ser ...

You make them up in your domain in ADUC console. Just make them members of the local administrators group on your OCS server.

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Problem with the deployment

by kmasri In reply to Accounts

I have a problem with the installation of OCS 2007. I always stuck in the activation part this is the error:Failure [0x80072030] there is no such object on the server.

Help please!

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Domain issues

by p.j.hutchison In reply to Problem with the deployme ...

Is this a Windows 2000 or 2003 domain?

Did you do the schema/domain update before installing OCS?

You may need to wait for schema/domain changes to apply to ALL DCs before installing OCS? Forcing a replication update may help.

Make sure your OCS server is joined to the domain properly. Re-add it to the domain again, see if this helps.

Make sure the appropiate security groups have been created and visible before installing OCS. Use ADUC tool.

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OCS 2007

by kmasri In reply to Domain issues

Is this a Windows 2000 or 2003 domain? 2003

Did you do the schema/domain update before installing OCS? I yes did it from the deploying wizard and its complete but in the ldp.exe the Schema for ms-RTC not available but in the MMC I can see it.

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Schema changes

by p.j.hutchison In reply to OCS 2007

The Schema mmc is best to check for changes, if it appears there then the schema changes have taken place.
Check the 'Users' container and see if you can see any new groups have appeared there (do not move them elsewhere).

We have deployed LCS 2005 and got it working internally but came stuck when deploying for access over internet. Can stuff deployed as per instructions but things didn't work as expected.

I expect the same is for OCS, which is probably more complicated than Exchange these days...

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