office document scanning unable to see twain scanner after Office 2003 SP3

By james.ryder ·
we use office 2003 document scanning to scan using the TWAIN Driver for the Ricoh IS330DC and the scanner appeared in the scanner list with no problems, until office service pack 3 was installed via windows updates.

We also have some remote users with Brother and HP printers who cannot see the scanner in the list either.

We have uninstalled office and reinstalled using an SP2 MSI and it starts working again. If windows updates to SP3 again it stops.
We have also created a new MSI with Service Pack 3 and installed as one package and this fails to show the scanner also.

Any more info required please ask, and thanks.


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Update the Scanner drivers if possible

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to office document scanning ...

If not possible Do Not install SP3 for Office.

While these service packs are recommended they are not compulsory to install and if they break something that you are using it's only common sense not to install them. This is why you test all of these before installing company wide.


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scanner drivers up to date

by james.ryder In reply to Update the Scanner driver ...

thanks, but the scanner drivers are up to date. Unfortunately I don't control the automatic updates and this one was let through without me knowing about it .

shame it can't be rolled back easily... unless it can and what I've read about not being able to uninstall it is a myth! (I hope so).

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OK if you have a major mess on your hands the simple answer is to

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to scanner drivers up to dat ...

Replace the scanner with something newer.

Not sure if that will work but it's the only fast cheap option that you have available to you. Also kill the Auto Update service and make someone at each centre responsible for installing only Tested & Passed Patches from M$.

You don't have an option.


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not an "old scanner issue"

by james.ryder In reply to OK if you have a major me ...

just FYI this isn't related to old scanners as we had the same problem for remote users who have HP deskjet F380's. the issue was related to the MODI folder (see my other post below)

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MODI Post SP3 problem

by iceman In reply to office document scanning ...

We have also encountered the same problem. With Office 2003 SP2 eveything is fine, with SP3 the scanners (an HP 3800 just purchased and a Canon D1250U2) fail to list in the MODI. Shouldn't a KB be opened with MS?

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SP3 Issues

by dglazewski In reply to MODI Post SP3 problem

From what I read and heard I wouldn't hold my breath on a fix from MS. Ths is security fix in their eyes and are making hardware manufactures come up with a work around. FYI if SP3 doesn't take out your scanner to can all but forget about using any scan to email functions. SP3 blocks many programs from calling Outlook to make a new email. SP3 killed the Scan to email function on all of my Brother MFC devices along with my SHarpDesk software. I haven't looked recently but the last time I did you were unable to uninstall SP3.

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Fix for Brother MFC

by dglazewski In reply to SP3 Issues

Brother has released a patch for their products that fixes the scan to email issue.

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by iceman In reply to office document scanning ...

To workaround this problem until MS fixes it (if they every will) you can do this:
With Office 2003 SP2 installed (if you don't have it, you will need to uninstall Office, and install SP2), backup the folder named MODI under program files\common files\microsoft shared (unless you can locate another PC with Office 2003 SP2 where you can copy it from) - copy it to a temp folder for ex. Then upgrade to Office 2003 SP3 and subsequently rename the folder MODI_SP3 for ex and copy the SP2 MODI folder back. This way I got it working again as the culprit are some files that handle the communication with the scanner (for ex. XSCAN32.PSP - what did MS remove? If you replace this file with the older one the scanner is detected but other components need updating). It took me some hours of debugging - but here it is!

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by james.ryder In reply to Workaround

well this fixed the issue. took me a while to get round to implementing but works on all PC's that had the problem, including our remote users with HP DJ F380's.


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XSCAN32.PSP is the exact file

by nhursky In reply to Workaround

My old MicroTek ScanMaker 5700 scanner would no longer show up in MODI after I set up a new machine, "no compatible scanner found. install a scanner."

I still had the old copy of Office 2003 on an older machine (also SP3, but an older version?), where the scanner worked in MODI. I grabbed a copy of the old MODI directory (from c:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared) and copied only the one file, XSCAN32.PSP (file date 4/30/03, overwrote the newer 4/5/07 file).

Now the scanner shows up in Microsoft Office Document Imaging. (Which is a really great feature, allows you to scan multiple pages to 1 TIF document.)

The file is only 317 Kb.

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