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    Office License


    by vdawson ·

    O.K., Here the question in need help with:

    I have the need to purchase office 2003 to be placed on a server to be shared by 350 users/p.c.’s. So how many copies and/or licenses do I need to buy???

    I have researched this at microsoft, but I must admit, I am now just more confused!!
    Any help would be great!!

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      by vdawson ·

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      by don christner ·

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      You will need to purchase at least 350 CALs (Client Access License). You will have to choose either User CALs or Device CALs.

      User CALs – one for each user that connects to or is authenticated by the server.

      Device CALs – one for each device (PC) connects to the server.

      You’ll probably would want device CALs. Because then if two or more people use a PC, they only need the one CAL.


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      by issmuir ·

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      Microsoft MOLP considerations:

      (1) Fullfillment CD.
      (2) CAL User license?
      (3) CAL Workstation license?
      (4) Future Upgrades?

      <1> Fullfillment CD contains software executables. It’s sent directly to your address by Microsoft. Only fullfillment CD’s accept MOLP licenses so don’t forget to order a set. (Only one set is required.) Fullfillment CD’s don’t include documentation. Order a RESOURCE KIT which is a resource for install, use, configuration secrets, deployment and support.

      <2> CAL-user… actual user license. Is assigned to individual users. It ‘follows’ that user around to whatever workstation they log into.

      <3> CAL-workstation… actual workstation license. Is assigned to individual workstations. It works at ‘that’ workstation only, regardless of who logs in.

      Mixing and matching is allowed. With 350 users, it’s worth your time to think about this.

      <4> Upgrade Protection must be purchased (and registered) within 30 days of purchasing the protected software license. Upgrade licenses must be repurchased while they are 9 months old or younger – or used for upgrading before they are 12 months old. Otherwise they just expire. Note: It is NOT NECESSARY to purchase upgrade protection.

      When you call in your order, it might sound like this:

      I want 300 workstation CAL’s of Office (whatever), 50 user CAL’s of Office (whatever), 1 Office (whatever) fullfillment CD, 1 Office (whatever) Resource KIT, and 350 units of Office (whatever) upgrade protection.

      ((You can add purchases into active MOLPs one license or title at a time. If you said ‘no’ to upgrade protection, you can order upgrade protection after your initial purchase provided you are within the 30 days.))

      Note: If you have no intention of upgrading your software within the term of two back-to-back purchases of upgrade protection… then don’t buy upgrade protection because it’s less expensive to purchase a brand new MOLP with brand new software.

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      by pgm554 ·

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      You need an enterprise copy of Office 2003.
      From there you need a 350 user license(paper).

      You can run an unlimited amount of users off of the enterprise software,but you need to keep track of the amount of people using the product.
      If you get audited and you are using more than you have paper licenses for ,you could get fined.

      With enterprise copies,you do not have to register,and it gives you the ability to create an admin install point.

      You could do this in O2K and OXP,but M$ took that feature off of the new 2003 pro editions ,so you MUST have the enterprise edition to do this..

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      by kayleso ·

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      You need to buy 350 licences(Paper) with a media kit(software on CD).

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      by john.schupp ·

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      If you want 350 users to have office, then you need to purchase licenses for the number of machines that you have to provide office for.

      Now if you are going to distribute office over some sort of terminal emulation software (IE: Citrix) then you just need Terminal Server CAL’s as described above.

      Not sure how the pricing would work out (I work for a not-for-Profit and the pricing is radically different).

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