Office network connection conflicting with internet connection

By rvacoate ·
I have a Dell PowerEdge T105 with Windows Server 2008 Operating System. I also, have Dell Optiplex GX270 with Windows XP Operating System (Each XP Unit has two lan Cards to connect). The Windows XP Computers connect to the server through cat5 cable into a Dell Power Connect 2224 which the server is connected too. At the same time each Windows XP connects through a netgear router to get on the Internet. I cannot have both the internet and Office network connected at the same time. It will work for a moment then lock up.
I have norton protection. In Norton's firewall i have permitted the IP Addresses for both Connections. Is there a way I can allow both connections to stay alive at the same time. PS: Protecting Accounting Information is the reason i have the server not connected directly to the internet. If you have any suggestion on how to solve this problem, I would appreciate it without making me vunerable.

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Bldr Bob :~)

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Need some more information

by markp24 In reply to Office network connection ...


Id like to try to help, but i may need some clarification,

you have XP workstations that have 2 nics
one nic is connected to a Public network (say 192.168.x.x) Netgear router that is your connection to the internet.
the second nic in the XP workstations connects to an internal network (say 10.x.x.x)where the Accounting and other corporate servers are.
Does that sound correct, Are the 2 networks using different IP segments?
you may need to check you routing rules as well.

Can you post a tracert to say and maybe one to an internal device. just to see if the routes are going to the correct places.

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This is a bad idea....

by robo_dev In reply to Office network connection ...

Having a separate physical network adds lots of complexity for very little security benefit.

That being said, to establish two physical networks:

Setup static IP addresses for the 'Accounting lan interfaces' on all three machines that are on a different physical and logical network than the Netgear local router.

So, for example, the Netgear router is probably handing out range addresses from it's local DHCP server.

Therefore the accounting server should be assigned a static IP address of something like, the two xp boxes would be assigned, and 1.3 for their seconday interfaces, respectively.

Note that Windows workgroups cannot span two separate networks, so file and printer sharing will not work when the lan is split like this, without doing some more advanced configuration changes.

BTW: posting your email addy on a public forum is a bad idea

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Can you explain why you feel this setup is necessary.

by 1bn0 In reply to Office network connection ...

re: "Protecting Accounting Information "

Thats usually the reason you install a real server. So you can control who has access to the server data.

Your setup sounds likes over kill.

If you want to seperate the traffica nad/or access, check out setting up VLANS (virtual Lans) with the appropriate equipment.

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