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    Office Search Services


    by cruffin ·

    On an NT 40 server with Office 2000, teh Application Log started filling up with Ms Office Sea Gatherer event id: 3010 due to not enough disk space. This was preceeded by event 3019, Source: MS Office Search, Category: Gatherer, which states “The crawl has started. Context: IndexingServiceApplication, System Catalog.” Some sort of log is being created in c:\winnt\profiles\all users\application data\microsoft\office search services\indexingservice\projects\system\system.ntfy19360.gthr. This file is 600+MB and growing, and there are other files (System.Hash.gthr) in the same directory that are 100+MB.
    This is an application-specific (Hyperion) server, with a 4GB c: and a 50GB d:.
    Does anyone have any information on any of the above?

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