Office / Windows XP gone haywire, missing/unknown DLL

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While doing some web research, user of mine hit a web site that (I believe) caused a major problem.

Initial symptom was that MS Outlook (from MS Office 2003 Basic) would crash on startup, giving an "unable to locate component" error because of a missing DLL, msdsqkij.dll. This DLL looked suspicious to me. Zero, zip, nada on Google search. Hard drive search turned up nothing, and there's no reference to that DLL in the registry.

Next thing, where I come into the picture, is that Windows itself is now looking for that DLL. If you right-click My Computer and choose Properties, you get the "unable to locate component" error. If you try to re-install MS Office, you get the "unable to locate component" error. If you try to do a repair install within Windows, you get an "unable to locate component" error. Tried to unregister the DLL, but no luck.

So I decided to do a repair install of Windows (SP2) by booting from CD, but once I get to the Regional Settings page, keyboard and mouse go "dark" -- no response from either, and no CAPS/NUM LOCK indicator lights.

I have to expedite by reformatting, etc., but was curious as to anyone had any ideas.

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by clarkd038 In reply to Office / Windows XP gone ...

Did you search the local computer for viruses or malware?

It may help if you remove office from the computer through add/remove programs. Or if you can copy that .dll file from another computer, that may help you uninstall and reinstall the application

If you are going to reformat i recommend using a boot and nuke program to completely wipe the drive in case any nasty malware is left on there.

good luck.

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Hit by Malware

by dmiles In reply to Office / Windows XP gone ...

Certainly sounds like you were hit,the procedure I would have taken would have been to run spyware removal tools in sucession,all are free downloads,at this point it sounds as though it has migrated into memory.Continuing to reboot may have caused it to migrate,so you may have to resort to wiping the drive and statring over.

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You will need to use

by IC-IT In reply to Office / Windows XP gone ...

a program like Autoruns.
Your Anti-Virus has deleted the DLL.
Run autoruns and look for suspicious entries and the program not found that is accociated with that DLL.
Once you delete the entry, Windows will no longer try to run it.
Wouldn't hurt to run Malware Bytes from Safe mode too.


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Are you sure it is not "msdasql.dll "?.

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Office / Windows XP gone ...

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