Office XP and Vista help!!!!

By bhagathkb ·
I use Vista Home Premium edition and Office XP.

The problem is I am unable to set the .DOC files to be opened by WINWORD.EXE.
Even if I tried using the default access manager I am unable to select the WINWORD.EXE, even after I browse for and select it...

please help me it is very annoying that whenever I try to open .doc file, it is showing the "open with" dialog...

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Thanks True Blue

by bhagathkb In reply to Check this out and see if ...

thanks true blue...the link u provided has got everything but .DOC file association...nyways, thanks for the response...I'll keep trying

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A couple of things to try

by Jacky Howe In reply to Thanks True Blue

MS Word may have been corrupted.
Do a search for and rename the file. Restart Word and a new file will be created. is located in C:\Documents and Settings\"Username"\Application Data\Microsoft\Templates folder. It is a hidden file, so you will have to unhide hidden files. In Explorer go to the Menu and select Tools, Folders Options, View. Check "Show hidden files and folders". Click OK.

Repair MS Word. With Word open, go to Help, Detect and Repair.

If that dosn't work, go to Add and Remove Programs and highlight Microsoft Office. Click on Remove. A menu will pop up allowing you to choose repair or reinstall. Try a Repair.

Start Word with a clean slate
Every time you start Word, your Normal template loads, along with any add-ins in your Startup folder. You can also tell Word to start up without loading any templates:

Start Word from the Start > Run menu by typing: winword.exe /a

Now press Enter. Note the space before the /a. This starts Word without any add-ins, global templates, or If that fixes the problem, continue to step 2. Otherwise, you can skip ahead to the next section.

Close Word.
Use the Windows Find feature to locate

Click an empty spot on the taskbar and press F3 to display the Search window again.
Make sure you're searching your primary hard drive and check Include Subfolders.
Type in the Named box and click the Search button.

Depending on your version of Windows, may be a hidden system folder. In Windows Explorer, select Tools > Folder options, click the View tab, and check the "Show hidden files and folders" box.

Right-click in the search results and rename it Normal.old.
Restart Word.

When you delete or rename your file, Word creates a new one based on default settings. If the problem goes away, you had a corrupt Normal template. If not, check any other templates that load when you start Word.

Disable other global templates and Com add-ins
If your Normal template wasn't at fault, try your other global templates and add-ins next:

Find out what, if any, global templates and add-ins Word loads when it starts. To do so, locate your Startup folder (usually C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\Microsoft\Word\Startup).
Move each of these out of the Startup folder.
Close Word and drag each add-in back into the Startup folder, one at a time. Open, test, then close Word after each one. When and if the problem reappears, you will have located the add-in causing the problem. If the problem persists, you may have a corrupt data key in your registry.

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