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Office xp installation error

By kalpesh_soham ·
I have personal PC having windows xp as OS. While installing Office xp -Pro. It gives error when it tries to install ODBC components. The error is like that( Error no 1**9 -- you can't access the access database) I went to microsoft site they have answered if you have Access 97 as earlier version. Will anybody help me?

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Try This

by dominic In reply to Office xp installation er ...

CAUSEThis problem can occur when you run the Office 97 File and Registry Eraser Utility (Eraser97), version 3.0 or earlier, and then do either of the following:
You run the Microsoft Office XP Setup program in Maintenance Mode and choose Repair Office. -or-

You click Detect and Repair on the Help menu of any Office program.
In this situation, the file Asycfilt.dll is removed by the Eraser97 program and is not repaired by either the Office installation or the System Files Update installation. To verify your specific version of the Office 97 File and Registry Eraser Utility, follow these steps:
Click Start, point to Settings, and then click For Files or Folders.
In the Search for files or folders named box, type Eraser97.exe and then click Search Now.
Right-click Eraser97.exe. Click Properties on the shortcut menu, and then click the Version tab.
RESOLUTIONTo resolve this problem, follow these steps:
Insert your Microsoft Office XP CD-ROM in your computer's CD-ROM drive.Hold the SHIFT key to stop the Setup program from automatically starting, or click Cancel when the Setup program runs.
Click Start, point to Programs, and then click Windows Explorer.

NOTE: In Microsoft Windows NT, point to Programs, point to the Accessories folder, and then click Windows Explorer.
Open your CD-ROM drive and navigate to the following folder:
Double-click Oainst.exe.NOTE: The preceding steps install the OLE automation update, which includes the file Asycfilt.dll. The following steps ensure that all your system files are updated.

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Part 2 of fix

by dominic In reply to Office xp installation er ...

In Windows Explorer, open Control Panel under My Computer, and then double-click Add/Remove Programs.
Double-click the System Files Update entry in the Add/Remove Program Properties dialog box.NOTE: If the System Files Update has been uninstalled or is not listed in the Add/Remove Program Properties dialog box, you must install the System Files Update before you continue with these steps. To install the System Files Update, follow these steps:

Open the \Files\OSP\1033 folder from the root of the Office source files location.
Right-click OSP.msi, and then click Install.
When you are prompted to restart the computer, click Yes. After the System Files Update is installed, go back to step 5 and continue.
In the Maintenance Mode Options dialog box, click Repair System Files Update, and then click Next.
In the Reinstall or Repair System Files Update installation dialog box, click Reinstall System Files Update, and then click Install.
When the repair of the System Files Update finishes, repair your Office installation by using either the Repair Office button in Maintenance Mode Setup or Detect and Repair on the Help menu in any Office program.

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Dll files

by nu4ever In reply to Part 2 of fix

I was wondering if you could help me? Do you have any sugesstions on how to fix a MSCTF.DLL FILE?

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