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office xp instals every time user logon

By kenderkn ·
Every time a user logs onto a workstation and starts outlook the installation wizard comes on requesting the office xp disk. not a full install but similar to a new user profile update or a feature ionstall. however this is the same user everytime. this also happens with publisher 2003.
I have done a full install of both products but no luck there. i used to think a full install was a FULL install. apparantyl microsoft and me have a difference of opinion onn that.

i have done extensive searching on this to no avail please help!!

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by Curacao_Dejavu In reply to office xp instals every t ...

If I am not mistaken you have installed office as the administrator, and when the computer rebooted you didn't loggin as the administrator again to finish the installation.

The user profile could also be corrupt, you can also delete the user profile, and login back so it will recreate the profile.


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by Joseph Moore In reply to office xp instals every t ...

Yes, this is the wonderful world of the Microsoft install.
This happens to all of us all of the time. Office needs to initialize for each Office app for each user account on a machine. There are REgistry entries that all user accounts need. Doing a Full Install does not write this info to all user accounts, though.

You can try this Technet article for something to try:

Personally, I just live with this. To minimize its effects, what you can do is install Office from a shared folder on your network that all users can access via drive mappings. So, say you copy the office CD to \\SERVER1\OFFICE, and say you set the logon scripts for all users to map drive O: to this shared folder.
Then when you first install Office on a user machine, you run O:\setup.exe thereby running the Office setup from the shared folder.

Then when user BOB logs into his machine with the freshly installed copy of Office, he has the O: drive mapping to the Office cd. When BOB starts up Word, the Installer for Office will look to the installed path for Office, which was O and since BOB has the same drive mapping to the Office setup files, the Installer finds what it needs, updates BOB's registry, and BOB is able to write a Word doc.

Yes, this does not remove the whole Installer thing, but at least it happens without any user interaction. It just runs.

hope this helps

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by BCPower In reply to office xp instals every t ...

When you say you did a full install... Did you simply choose Complete from the install Wizard? What I do is choose Custom and then choose advanced setting for each program and then I choose Install all options from My Computer.

That's where you get all the little drop down boxes with the arrowheads on them. You want to choose the option with the little checkbox icons. That will turn the dorp down box white. Then hit continue.

(I don't know how else to describe it).

Uninstall Office and reinstall using that method. It's never failed me. Also, add the user of that machine as a local user with a minimum permission level of Power User. Administrator would be better. (Don't worry - They can be a local administrator and still not be a domain administrator).

Best of luck!

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by kenderkn In reply to

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by kenderkn In reply to office xp instals every t ...

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