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Offices in 2 cities & one e-mail server?

By sulmau ·

I want to manage a e-mail setup for a company whose offices are located in two cities.

Currently the company's primary e-mail server is running under Windows NT 4.0 Server using dialup connection located in one city.
The company start a new office in an other city & want that the users shifted in that city use the same primary mail server for their e-mail's.

My question is that how can I make a setup for the two offices using the current mail server / company domain ( eg. )& still using the dialup option for the connectivity with ISP.

May I install a second mail server in new office? If so than how can I use the same domain & users split between two offices? or is there any other option / idea / solution for this.

The company is currently using analog modem ( 56k )to connect to ISP & have a static IP for e-mail server.

The company have no router/bridge installed & also no wish to purchase these, also don't want any expensive link setup to connect to ISP ( eg. radio modem link / satelite link / ADSL / DSL / ISDN etc.).

Can someone help me out......
Need a detailed info/explanation.....

If need any further info, pls let me know.....

Awaiting helpful reply as always......

Thanks /Sulman

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I used to have a similar setup

by ChrisMS In reply to Offices in 2 cities & one ...

Although we had a leased line connection between the two offices with all e-mail being collected on one server and then distributed accordingley.
I can se the thinking behind the cheap method, although I forsee a problem with having two dial up connections using the same settings trying to connect at the same time. Also, messages may very well get lost or collected by some one else.
I would say the only way to achieve the aim is to set up a WAN, using a permanent connection such as ISDN or leased line.
If you need more info let me know, and I will explain how the setup works.
Hope this helps.

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Re: I used to have a similar setup

by sulmau In reply to I used to have a similar ...


Yes, I need u know the working of the setup.

Kindly let me know all the details about it.

Awaiting ur helpful reply.

Thanks / Sulman

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How it works

by ChrisMS In reply to Re: I used to have a simi ...

We had a server in the main office, conected via 64K leased line and routers with a router in the second office so all computers were effectevley on one server, regardless of distance.
Then MS Exchange server was used as the E-mail client with everyone having the address of name@company.
This means you need an ISP who will let you have unlimited addresses or register a domain name with unlimited addresses, or as many addresses as you think you will ever need.
If you need more clarity or helpE-mail me at
Hope this solves your dilemma

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