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Offline Caching how to disable!!

By 5jgibbs ·
Windows reports to me "windows server 2003"

"Windows has detected that Offline Caching is enabled on the Roaming Profile share - to avoid potential profile corruption, Offline Caching must be disabled on shares where roaming user profiles are stored."

well, first, i am new to windows 2003, and second, i have no idea what to do in order to fix this.. if you could do a step by step process on how to do it.. i would be very happy.. NOTE THE STEP BY STEP PART!!

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Disable Offline Caching

by BFilmFan In reply to Offline Caching how to di ...

If you do not disable the cache option for Offline Files on a user profile share, the profile will become unstable, as both the Offline Files and roaming profile attempt to synchronize the files in the profile.

The cache option is SMB share based. If you enable the cache option on a share, and roaming profiles are below that share, Offline Files caches files in the profile.

NOTE: Whenever possible, store roaming profiles and offline-enabled shares on different servers.

To resolve the problem:

Create a separate share for user profiles and disable the cache option on the new share by opening a CMD prompt and typing:

net share \\Server\Sharename /cache:no

You can use Windows Explorer to disable the cache by right-clicking the shared folder and press Properties. On the Sharing tab, press the Caching button and clear the Allow caching of files in this folder box.

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ok umm..

by 5jgibbs In reply to Disable Offline Caching

Ok, i did that, both the windows explorer way and the CMD way.. the cmd way i get something that says some stuff, it looks like it worked.. but when i do it the windows explorer way, i dont see anything that says cache in the share tab?? even in a new share..



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In your 12 Words........then my 8

by dafe2 In reply to Offline Caching how to di ...

"i have no idea what to do in order to fix this.."

Then why are you working with a server?

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why not?

by 5jgibbs In reply to In your 12 Words........t ...

When you dont know something, are you suppose to not try and learn it?? I am learning every day, never had anyone teach me anything, so when i run into problems i cant solve, i ask, then i know. I am running a server for my home, and i help administer the network at my school as a part time job, i get paid. but i pick up a lot of good useful knowledge that will cost me in college.

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In your case nothing but

by dafe2 In reply to why not?

Your tag says Networking / LAN Administration.

A person running a Business Network asking the question you asked and receiving the right answer from bfilmfan has no business in a server room. Least of all without a MENTOR. Believe it or not there are 'administrators' out there that simply "talked" there way into computer rooms and haven't got a clue. They give all of us a bad name & endanger business data. Remember, an IT person is entrusted with the heart of Businesses today.

There are too many people out there today doing exactly that. They give Windows products a bad name. 85% of the Windows trash talk out there is simply due to the fact that the person has no clue what they're doing.

In your case:

I absolutely admire & respect what your doing.
Why the school system would take someone with your ambition and not supply a mentor or a coach to further encourage you is beyond me.:-)

Incidently, explaining your position without going off the deep end, after my remarks, is very admirable too. I hope you appreciate my position and where my comment was coming from.

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I can understand that

by 5jgibbs In reply to In your case nothing but

I can understand that.. our schools technology directory cant even use a computer.. so what does he do.. he goes out and spends money in the wrong place.. instead of having better switches and a more powerful novel network, or upgrading the novel, he goes and spend more money on a bunch of macs, and now we are having so many problems with user permissions its not even funny. The administrator cant even del any files from a users individual account without that users username and password.

but anyway.. ya.. i don?t like it as well when you talk to an IT guy and they have no idea about what they are talking about. everything i know i basically figured out. it may not be pretty at first but i perfect things as i go on..

anyway.. any more comments on the offline caching issue.. lol.. i am not sure if what i did was right.. and in the GUI method, there is no "turn of offline cashing"


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On the GUI

by dafe2 In reply to I can understand that

Glad you understood Jeremy, sounds like your a 'victim' too ;-)

Bfilmfan was correct...but here's the GUI only version:

right click on the share
click share tab
on the bottom right, click offline settings radio button
tick the bottom most option - should say something like NOT be available offline

Hope this works for you.......let us know either way. In case you don't know, there's a lot of guys here that'll bend over backwards to help out.


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pic of what your talking about

by 5jgibbs In reply to On the GUI

so is this what your talking about? I think so..

thanks for ALL your help

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by dafe2 In reply to pic of what your talking ...

Nice one! did it work?

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well i guess

by 5jgibbs In reply to pic of what your talking ...

well i guess it worked.. im just a bit confused on what it did.. my ideal way would be to have no local folder at all, so when you draged something onto the desktop it was copied right to the folder on the server not a temp user right on the computer..

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