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Offline File Sync

By marcus ·
I have a client that is using RDC to log into their server. Everyone works off of the server and they have their own desktop and folders. All of their data is stored on the server in different shared folders. They want to be able to sync files between the virtual desktop and local desktops for when they travel and do not have access to the internet. I was thinking of a folder on the virtual desktop that they could drag files to and have it sync to the local desktop. Not sure if there is a way to make it work this way. I have tried sync manager and just running into problems. Anyone have any ideas or suggestions on an easy way to do this?
Thanks in advance.

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I see 2 problems

by NexS In reply to Offline File Sync

Well, I'm sure there's more, but 2 that I'm going to mention.

1: Why are they logging onto a server? That's never a good idea.

2: If they have no access to the internet, there's no way to actively synchronize files between then and the server if they are offsite. They could, however, use something like synctoy to synchronize the two locations (server/remote workstation) when they return.

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Thanks for the reply

by marcus In reply to I see 2 problems

It is a virtual server hosted offsite at a co-location. Basically their virtual office setup so they can acess everything in the office or not. vpn is too slow, backups not reliable, ect.

Not having an internet connection is kinda the point. When then travel and know they will not have a connection (long flight, client office without wifi) they want to be able to work on files "offline" or locally and once there is a connection they can sync those files back to the virtual desktop.

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by NexS In reply to Thanks for the reply

Rather than having them log onto the server, I would have their local workstations either map to file locations on the server or point shortcuts (or, as stated below, My Documents) to a 'home' drive on the server.

Then a multitude of synchronization options opens up.

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Not entirely..

by otaku_lord In reply to I see 2 problems


If they set their MY DOCUMENTS folder to the directory on the server (and the server is 2k3 or higher) the server will set up an autosynch. I have used this on several occasions when I was traveling from Iraq to the US and back. The service is called "Folder Redirection and Offline Files"

Here is the Technet link:

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I've had problems with Offline Files

by NexS In reply to Not entirely..

But in a small business situation it may be enough to get them by.

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I agree with you...

by otaku_lord In reply to I've had problems with Of ...

wholeheartedly. It can cause issues in larger corporate environments. I figured I would mention it because it is built into WinServer and is a viable solution.

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I think

by NexS In reply to I agree with you...

It has to do with propagating permissions through user shares. Complaining about permissions or some other such issue.

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