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    offline files


    by mjkqb ·

    In my home network, have enabled offline files, and manual caching, but still when I right click on a shared file there is no menu option to “Make Files Available Offline”. Any ideas? Thanks, Michael

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      offline files

      by g_plumb ·

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      OK, Windows sees two types of network, a local one (like a LAN or Intranet) and non-local, such as the Internet.

      By selecting the make available off-line options and caching, you computer will be able to access web-pages stored in your cache, those you have explicitly made available offline. Note that following external links (those not cached) will cause windows to bring up the internet connection dialog box (or dial up straight away depending on your connection settings – see IE options).

      However, I am assuming that in this instance, you wish to access a shared file on one of the computers on your home network, when the machine you are trying to do it from is not connected to that network. In a word – NO, Windows won’t do this!! The only cache Microsoft uses for LAN access is file buffers (for copying, accessing, etc…) and these are not retained.

      You will have to copy the files you want to a temporary directory somewhere when the target machine and the source machine are both on the home network at the same time.

      G – 😉

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