Offline files and VPN

By optronix_quebec ·

Since I just figured out how to do rpc over http properly, I figured I'd move on to the second part of my setup.

I'd like to know if it is in any way possible to remotely log onto a domain.

What I'd like to do is my sales team will have laptops that I want them to use on the road. They're part of another division and will never actually ever come inside our network.

What I'd like to do is enable them to get access to file synchronization from wherever they are so that their price lists are always up to date and we alwayas have a backup of their files on our computer.

I'd like to avoid using Terminal Services to do this.

I don't even know if this is possible to do like I want it to without using Terminal Services so any ideas are welcome here. I just figured I'd ask if there was any way since you guys are a pretty capable bunch.


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by p.j.hutchison In reply to Offline files and VPN

I think Virtual Private Networks would be an alternative.
Users can access your network securely and would have access to resources using their domain logons as if they were in the office!

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by optronix_quebec In reply to VPN

Thanks for the reply.

However, I was under the impression that VPN was only a more secure (read: encrypted) way to do Terminal Services. I've never actually used it before though so I'm most likely totally in left field over this.

Would you have any good ressources (web-based) on setting it up and what it actually is to suggest so I can learn all about it ? I'm sure there are plenty of good ressources around, but I'm sure you have some that you especially like.

Also, would it enable me to automatically update files at logon, provided they have internet access and if they have not at that time, do it automatically as soon as an active connection is detected ?

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VPN again

by p.j.hutchison In reply to Re: VPN

No, VPN is link having your laptop or home PC connected to the office network. So you can get access to file shares, printers, applications (if remotely accessible), intranet sites from the desktop, TS is possible but not necessary.

Although home PCs will not be joined to the domain so you don't get Group Policies nor login scripts (you can create your own VPN scripts).

We have a VPN here, specifically for users to connect to their home folders and team and dept shares as well so they can work from home.

As for links I don't know any specific ones but here's a couple for starters:

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Additionnal VPN Ressources

by optronix_quebec In reply to VPN again

Thanks for the help so far.

I've installed the Remote access and routing role on my server and configured the wizard, as well as opened tcp and udp ports 1727 on my router. I've also added the user groups I wanted to the VPN access policy.

How would I go from here to configure the offline files components on the server side. Also how would I go about configuring the client for auto-folder synchronisation on the client side ? I want all of this to be done seemlessly to the users.

All sites I've found so far about either VPN or offline files make mentions of each other but never go into detail about the setup required together.

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New problem - Assistance required

by optronix_quebec In reply to Offline files and VPN


So I've figured out how everything works for VPN as far as file sharing goes : its like you're on the internal LAN so you set it up the same way.

I do however have two issues left :

First of all, my users can't use the net when they're connected. That's a problem since I want them to auto-connect at logon (or when an internet connection is detected) and that prevents me from doing that seemlessly on their end.

Secondly, and this is the bigger problem, our server is also a fax software server (I use relayfax - only one I found that doesn't require a fax board and has reliable OCR routing) and RRAS locks out the modem for its own use. I'll never need people to "dial-in" through the phone modem, only through the net. I've looked in the RRAS options but I can't find anythign related to modem use. I can manually shut down the RRAS service and initialize the modem in relayfax and restart RRAS service but that's less than ideal since I'm not at this location very often and I won't give admin access to office staff.

Any help here would be greatly appreciated.


PS : Here are some config info if you need them :

- I use W2k3 SP2.
- I use a linksys router (it has vpn PPTP passthrough configured as well as port 1723 pointing to the server IP).
- Both NIC are plugged into the router : the one I use for my LAN has a static IP (port 1723 is redirected to this particular IP), the one used for internet connectivity in my router is awarded its IP through DHCP by the router.
- I manually configured the pool of IP for VPN to use IPs to which are unused IP in my nertwork. Router DHCP pool start at so there's no conflict there.

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