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    Offline files not sync’ing


    by nateh ·

    Hi all,

    I have a SBS2003 system providing email and file server functions. And I have a WinXP Pro PC that is not part of the SBS domain. Just using the Exchange services and file services.

    I set up the XP to redirect “My Documents” to the SBS server and that works well. However, when I click on “Make folder available offline”, it starts synchronizing and fails with the error:

    “Offline Files (\\Srv1\UserData on Srv1): Unable to make ‘Misc’ available offline on \\Srv1\UserData\nate\My Documents. Access is denied.”

    I have checked permissions, access rights, path names, everything I can think of. I don’t understand how access can be denied when I access the folders all the time via the redirection.

    thank you


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      Reply To: Offline files not sync’ing

      by bfilmfan ·

      In reply to Offline files not sync’ing

      Is the workstation losing SMB connectivity to the server?

      Is it trying to apply any settings via a GPO, which of course would fail since your client isn’t part of the domain?

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      Reply To: Offline files not sync’ing

      by hazzard_005 ·

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      Under the Share tab of the folder you are sharing check and make sure the Caching is set up the way you want your user to be able to use the offline access of the file.

      When you click the caching button you get the settings for how the offline cashing is handled.

      Manual caching of documents
      Automatic cashing of programs and documents
      Automatic caching of documents.

      Also ensure that the checkbox for allow caching of files in this shared folder is enabled.

      I didn?t see any mention of the settings on the folder you are trying to Cache from and thought you may start there for the solution.

      Hope this helps.

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      Reply To: Offline files not sync’ing

      by joris_hermans ·

      In reply to Offline files not sync’ing

      Seems like I had (still having) same (kind off) problems.
      On a Server Win 2003, we have a share “Users”. Share permissions are set to “Everyone = Change). Every user has a subfolder in this share on which the user + administrators have NTFS=Full Control Permissions. All user profiles makes them to con ect to P:\\Server\UserName
      All users have their “My Documents” on Windows XP redirected to the P-mapping
      A User (Frank) has been working with the same situation for over 2 years, and all worked fine.
      Today I tried to install a new laptop for this user. When I configured the personal settings, and tested a logon-logof, de offline folder sync mentiond “folder/file can not be syncronised … Acces denied”.
      From the laptop, user can access p:\My Documents (also add, delete and edit documents in this folder).
      On the server, the ACL seems not to be changed (user has stil full control on his personal folder and everyone has stil “change permissions ” for the chare…
      I tried to log on the user on another Windows XP, but same problem.

      I had this problem couble of weeks ago with another user, also during the new install of a new laptop. At that moment, the only sollution that seems to work was 1) deleting and recreating the user-account AND 2) creating a new Privatfolder (Privat2) inwich the user get a new personal folder.

      Is this really the only solution, deleting/recreating the user and recreating a folder?

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      Reply To: Offline files not sync’ing

      by nateh ·

      In reply to Offline files not sync’ing

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