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Offline Files of All Users Synchronizing on Log off

By jon ·
I've been having an annoying issue where the previous sys admin of my network had setup every user's profile and home dirs to sync to a replicated directory which has been causing a rediculous amount of errors in replication and sync. I understand the reason for the replication error and am working to move everyone to a FPS that is localized for them to help keep synchronization local. The problem i'm having is that if user1 logs into a client pc and logs out his data will be sync'd properly. if user2 logs in when he logs out he will sync user1's and user2's data when he should only be syncing his own. the offiline files folder shows every users that's logged in files so that everytime any user logs off that user is syncing everyone else's files for them. this wouldn't be a problem but some of the users have pst's and whatnot which of course won't sync. My question is... is there a way to turn off the sync for all users and just have it that the logged in user will sync his data and his data alone not everyone else's that has logged into the box.

Client PC's are XP Pro SP2's
FPS servers are Server 2003 SP1 R1.

Any help in figuring this out would be appreciated.

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