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    offline outlook emails


    by hotrodgers ·

    is there a way i can view my outlook emails when i am disconnected from the network..? like when i go home or away from office and have my laptop with me i want to be able to view my emails..and outlook is setup to authenticate by me logging onto the network…which i can logon to laptop when i am offline but my outlook does not operate…thanks

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      by rayhennessey ·

      In reply to offline outlook emails

      For Offline Reading, you must download the message
      contents of all messages you wish to read while
      disconnected from the Internet.

      To read your new mail when offline, follow these

      1. While connected to the Internet, click on the folder
      containing the messages you wish to read. This is most
      likely the Inbox folder. If you don’t see a folder list in
      Outlook, select the View – Folder List menu command.

      2. Select the Tools – Download – All Items menu command.
      Outlook will download the contents of all messages in that
      folder for later offline reading.

      While offline you can read, delete, and reply to messages.
      The replies are stored in your Outbox folder until you
      connect to the Internet.

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      by pptmagic ·

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      If you’re on an Exchange server, set up offline folders and everything nicely automates for you to do exactly this.

      From within Outlook (and connected to your network), click on Services, Highlight MS Exchance Server, click on properties, click the advanced tab, check the box for Enable Offline Use. Click the button to set your Offline Folder File Settings. Click OK all the way out.
      Click on Tools, Synchronize, Offline Folder Settings and set as you wish.

      Your offline folders can automatically synchronize. Everything looks the same but you can now work offline and everything “syncs” up when you reconnect.


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      by marccouture ·

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      The message from Glenna (setting up offline folders if connected to an Exchange server) is great, but may be missing one crucial step. The synchronization of folders is done upon executing a “send/receive”. If this is not done, the offline folders do not synchronize and you’ll be stuck offline with what seems to be very old folders (from the last time you synchronized.)

      You can, however, set up outlook to do a “send/receive” every time you exit Outlook. TO do so, follow the instructions below:

      1. In the Outlook menu, click on Tools, then Options
      2. Click on the Mail Setup tab
      3. Click on the Send/Receive button
      4. Put a checkmark in the box beside “Perform an automatic send/receive when exiting.”
      5. Click close and OK and you’re all set! Now you will always be up to date, provided you exit Outlook properly!


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      by hotrodgers ·

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