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Offsite Backup

By mjv ·
I have a customer that wants to start using
Offsite backup. There are quite a few companies
that do that. Which one's are better? What
questions should I be asking?

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on-site vs. off-site

by ohjirosan In reply to Offsite Backup

To be honost i don't trust people very much and as such i would not want my valuable data stored on a server of a company that wants my money.

yes i'm paranoid but ok...

on-site back-up has advantages:
* its under your control
* you know what is ahppening with the media
* you know it is working
* good for large datafiles

* a fire means dataloss
* if you have an accident while taking your back-up home your are both gone
* if you have to restore the back-up, your not gonna get home till it works.

off-site back-up has advantages aswel:
* no huss no fuss back-up
* no time consuption on your part
* SLA with company makes them put it back as fast as you want.

also some disadvantages:
* no controll
* you don't know what they do with your data.
* large datastores can't be backed-up

hope this helps, and its always important to know why you want a on/off-site back-up.

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Offsite Backup

by chet In reply to Offsite Backup

Try They have superb service and customer support. They are the only one who monitor and call you if you have any problems with your backup. They use RBMS by which does a great job running backup business service, for that reason they have a great quality of service.

Check it out..

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Offsite Backup

by chet In reply to Offsite Backup

you might as well make money providing the service to your customer. they pay 30% of the monthly fee to you.. sign in as an Affiliate and create your customer's account there and thats it. sit back and collect the montly.
Get your other clients there too,
thats what I do so fat I have 100 customer using and I am making around $1500 without spending a min. they take over and monitor, support, charge all your customers..
gotto get more customers..

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Offsite Backup: Benefits and Threats

by sergey.petrov In reply to Offsite Backup
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Disaster Recovery

by BobTheITBuilder In reply to Offsite Backup

Backups, Storage etc should all be replaced with the words "Disaster Recovery". As an example, My friend has a company that uses computers as a primary tool of trading and if a disaster was to happen that prevented him from gaining access to his PCs and his phones he would lose a **** of a lot of money in lost revenue. He has decided to use a company in Liverpool that installed his AVAYA phone system and Data network infrastructure that is linked to an outside building somewhere (secret) that stores his data. there are also tables, chairs, PCs and phones ready incase of a disaster which would let him be up and running with all of his data and phones within an hour. His phone system has flash memory cards with all of his numbers programmed in and a copy in the safe. There is a server waiting for the data to be restored to which is constantly being replicated. Having that safety margin gives him restful nights.

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