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Offsite Data Center Rules of Conduct

By prplshroud ·
I work for an R&amp shop that has most of its server equipment at a colocation facility near the office. We also use the colocation facility as a QA/Dev lab space. In addition to IT, QA and Dev personnel have access to this space for their Development and test systems that are housed there.

I have been tasked with creating a document that outlines a sort of code of conduct for the co-lo cage area for the different levels of personnel. Short of the standard keep the place neat and don't leave live power cables connected to nothing hanging in the racks, I'm stuck.

I'd apprciate any additions, feedback, and/or in use policy that you may be using today in this kind of environment.


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a few items that might help

by pmleo In reply to Offsite Data Center Rules ...

I don't manage this in my current employment (so I don't have documentation) but in another life I had to so here are some off the top of my head.

Not knowing how secure this environment is.

Access logging (automated or manual)- who goes in or out and why they are there.
Roles & Responsibilities - who is allow to do what
Cage inventory - what is there and what it should be hooked to.
Inventory control - who is allowed to change out and how is that to be documented
Documentation of hardware configuration - How is hardware (servers, firewalls, routers, etc.)currently configured, firmware versioning information, rules for modification and documentation of changes.
Problem escalation procedures - who and when to contact.
Contractor contact information - who maintains and where.

This should give you a start. Generally rules of conduct are meant to establish the whos, whats, and wheres. If you have no insight into what has gone on or what is going on in your cage it will come back to bite you later. Require documentation of any actions by any individuals whenever they are there.

Good luck.

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