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Offsite or Cloud Backup Solutions?

By emraldgephie ·
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Hey guys, my company is a startup and currently I'm looking for the best and affordable backup solution ( ) in Canada. Few of my friends are recommending me to choose offsite back up and other few wants me to go for cloud backup. I'm in a dilemma. I don't know which backup solution should I choose?
I have considered to call Ontario based back up solution solution provider Storage pipe solutions. Has anyone used their service ever? How is it? What are the other backup solutions provided by them?

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by Priscilia A In reply to Offsite or Cloud Backup S ...

Cloud is pretty safe. You need to make sure the cloud service provider is reliable. Even a trusted partner can help you choose a cloud platform that suits your business.

Check these resources:

Hope these helps!

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Better Data Storage (Backup) Option

Cloud services are better than having backup at any off-site mode.

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Hope this helps...

by gbower In reply to Offsite or Cloud Backup S ...

Unfortunately I haven’t had any experience with Storage Pipe Solutions specifically, but I can offer some advice in choosing between cloud storage and offsite storage.

If you choose to store your data in the cloud, there are some pros and cons. Cloud storage is extremely easy to use, inexpensive and extremely flexible. The downside to cloud storage is that because it is so easy to access that it is often times difficult to monitor business data on a day to day basis. Cybersecurity can also be challenging when storing data in the cloud, because you don’t have total control over your data. Overall while the cloud is easy to use, it does pose some security risks.

If you choose to store your data off-site there are also positives and negatives. For one, if you choose a reputable SaaS company they will have a dedicated team of cybersecurity professionals to keep your data secure, cutting down on staffing requirements within your organization These SaaS companies are regularly updating their security measures, so if you don’t have the manpower this can be a huge benefit! Since your organization’s secure data will live in the cloud as opposed to internal servers, that means maintenance costs will be significantly lowered as well. One downside to securing your data offsite is that you relinquish total control of your data on a day-to-day basis. If you're looking for this type of solution, I recommend checking out what Fortinet has to offer:

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Offsite or Cloud Backup Solutions?

by iharrythomas21 In reply to Offsite or Cloud Backup S ...

As you are a startup. Initially I would suggest you to go with free cloud storage like Google drive and Dropbox. And after some time if you need more space to store your data, at that time you can hunt for cloud hosting provider. Now I think Google drive will be the best option for storing the data.

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Re: Offsite or Cloud Backup Solutions?

by gruenerhildegard In reply to Offsite or Cloud Backup S ...

Here is a small list for some important backup services for business-class server backup.
2. MozyPro
3. CrashPlan
4. eVault
5. IDrive

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Cloud all the way

by michael142 In reply to Offsite or Cloud Backup S ...

Off-cloud is very intensive, especially for a new business. Cloud will be much easier to use, and cloud backup companies specialize in data security – it's one of the biggest things they have to offer their clients. That said, make sure you safeguard your login data. That is by far the most common way for break-ins to occur in this scenario.

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