offsite replication of backup exec data

By longr59 ·
Ok this may be a stupid question but where I work we use backup exec to backup to disk. We want to take that backup data from backup exec and replicate it off site. The only problem is we only do full backups. I need something that will only replicate the data that has changed after backup exec has done a full backup or is there a better way to do this.

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by teh_tr_monk In reply to offsite replication of ba ...

How much total data are you backing up?
Why not try incremental or differential backup methods?

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Amount of data

by longr59 In reply to Well..

A full backup is about 700gb. I would do incremental or differential backups but I just took over this duty and was told not to change the backup policies. I just need to implement off-site backup of data

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by robo_dev In reply to Amount of data

Not to use circular logic, but when you say replicate off site 'everything that has changed since the last full backup'...that's the definition of a differential or incremenatal backup, no?

Then what you need to do is an offsite incremental or differential backup, no?

My gut reaction is to use NetBackup to do this if possible.

How much data would be in your differential backup?

Where, offsite, do you plan to send the data? To another company site, ISP?

I do work with one company who has a private leased line to a hot-site where the SAN is mirrored in real-time to another SAN at the hot-site. No security worries this way and the throughput is excellent.

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by longr59 In reply to Clarify

Yes we need to do a off-site incremental or differential backup. I want to say 10 gb of data daily for a differential backup. We have have 2 locations our corporate office and our datacenter. We want to backup data from the corporate office to our data center and from our data center to our corporate office in case there is a fire or something in one the data is safe. The offsite backup would run nightly. We would be doing the backup over a site to site ipsec vpn tunnel so no worry about security. I hope this helps clarify if not let me know.

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