Oh Archives, Where Art Thou?

By aboulhjh ·
So, heres the scoop:

My archive files are suddenly missing. This problem has plagued me for about a month, but the last time a large amount of files went missing, I was able to find them and stick them in a folder (and they are still there).

To be more descript: I will have x amount of .rars, which I move from one folder on one partition, to the root directory of the other partition. The files transfer, there are no error messages saying they didn't, and then i delete them from the original directory. Shortly thereafter during a period where I'm not staring directly at them, these files disappear. No searches or manual folder checks are able to find them anywhere, yet, the hard drive space taken up by those files still appears to be occupied.

I do have some trojans, which I've dealt with. Barring the likelihood that this virus or whatever malware permanently deleted my archives, is there any possible way to find them again?

If not it's not the end of the world: I've lost so many thousands of files over the years that this is the extent of my feeling over them. But, I would prefer to be able to find them again.

They all appear to be confined to my windows partition, which means I seriously don't care, because I'm going to reformat it either way, but if all the infection is still on one partition then there's nothing to lose. However, like I said, if there is any way I could find these files again, I would love you. I feel like they're still there because nothing else could be taking up all that space.

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