Oh Boy, I really did it this time...

By GmaSicily ·
I kept getting a "you are not using a genuine copy of Windows" error whenever I booted up my
ancient Tecra 8100. It had Windows NT/Win2000 on it, apparently bootlegged from somewhere, (My older son's pc). So I installed my "real" WINXP Home on it thinking that would solve the problem. Now, I cannot access the internet, my 3 com ethernet controller disappeared, I'm getting OS conflict messages, etc. etc. Is there a way I can get my "bootleg" copy back and restore it to the way it was? What a mess! Hope someone can help!!

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will it let you restore?

by luizaaugustyniak In reply to Oh Boy, I really did it t ...

Go to:
Start -> control panel -> system and maitenance -> back up -> restore

see if you have a restore point b4 you reinstalled windows. You can hopefully undo the changes using that.

If not- you can always reinstall/download the other stuff. You should have other discs from your other computer that will have those programs on them. (To use the internet you do need some kind of program same w/ ethernet.)

Really though you should format the drive and install your version of windows. Even if you are about to undo the changes it won't solve the OS error messages.

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Talk sense for goodness sake !!

by OldER Mycroft In reply to will it let you restore?

You CANNOT restore back to beyond a full install.

The restore capability cannot restore beyond the point that it was 'born'.

I would suggest that your internet hardware drivers have yet to be installed. You should have a drivers disc to 'switch on' the router/ethernet interface.

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hummm not heard that W2K required validation

by CG IT In reply to Oh Boy, I really did it t ...

W2K doesn't have the validation built into it like XP does. Even bootlegged copies work and you can get patches.

So are you really getting not valid license during activation that's the problem? you only get 1 license. If you install XP on another computer that needs a license as well. You can buy a license without media [CD].

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Best Bet

by The Scummy One In reply to Oh Boy, I really did it t ...

go buy another copy of XP.

The one that you used likely will expire your other system if it does connect to the Internet, then you will need to buy 2 copies.

Wipe the drive completely before installing. Get your data to a cd first.

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Use a Live Linux CD to recover data, then do hdinstall.

by robertjtownley In reply to Best Bet

Why put up with the licensing headaches ... download the knoppix iso burn it to a cd for a LIVE Linux CD. Boot up with this CD (or USB stick and Slax) which gives you a fully functioning Operating System and apps that does not touch the harddrive. Except you can still use it to copy files (yes even on a NTFS partition) to a usb drive or a network share. Once all the files are backed up, install Fedora Core or Ubuntu distribution of Linux. Much more software than Win2k will ever have. yum install or apt-get install is a dream.

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Depends on what you used to install from here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Oh Boy, I really did it t ...

If it wasn't a Toshiba Recovery Disc you will not have the necessary drivers loaded yet.

You need to download the correct XP Drivers and install them after XP is installed.

Look on Toshiba's Web Site for XP Drivers for this unit though they may not be available but that is a starting point.

As for what is happening here right click on My Computer then Proprieties then Device Manager and look for Yellow Question Marks with a description of the devices beside them.

This will let you know what you are looking for but as a start they should be Video Drivers, Sound Drivers, Modem Drivers, Ethernet Drivers and maybe Chip Set Drivers if the USB ports are not working.

As Toshiba supplied this NB with OEM Software on it it is very unlikely that you have Bootleg Copy of the OS unless it is not what originally came with the NB.

However since M$ has brought out WGA with XP when logging onto the M$ Update Site and doing a Validation you may get that message in Microsoft Update so switch to Windows Update to prevent it happening again. W2k didn't require activation so it is possible that you are failing a WGA test as the WGA can not scan older systems for compliance with newer Licensing of M$ products.

So if you have the Toshiba recovery Disc all you need do is use that to reload the system as it is a Slipstreamed Disc with the Correct Drivers for that NB.


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