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OH look what I got today

By HAL 9000 Moderator ·
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Department of Treasury

Internal Revenue Source

Important information about your tax return

We are unable to process your tax return

We recived your tax return. However, we are unable to process the return as field.

Our records indicate that the person identifiedas the primary taxpayer or spouse on the tax return did not provided all the required documents shown on the tax form. Our records are based on information received from the Social Security Administration.

Based on this information, the tax account for the individual has been locked

What you need to do

Print out the attached notification and list of missing documents, fill it in, add the documents and send the following information to the adress shown in the attached notification.

List of required documents:

1. A copy of this letter

2. Notification letter

3. A photocopy of valid U.S. Federal or State Government issued identification.

Keep this notice for your records.

If you need assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us

Now I'm not going to open the Attachment because I don't remember filling this Tax Return but I suppose I must have.

Though personally I wonder just why I would want to pay another country Income Tax when it's not required. At least this Ijiot isn't promising me millions of dollars just threating me that I'll never get a Tax Refund again. :^0


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I wish mine was fake

by GSG In reply to OH look what I got today

I got a notice that I didn't pay some of my taxes in 2007. I have a copy of my forms, I have the confirmation that they received my forms, and I have a line item in my bank acct from 2008 that shows I received my refund. They will not understand that this means I filed. I guess I could get a 2nd refund, but then they'd accuse me of fraud.

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by cmiller5400 In reply to I wish mine was fake

I have only had 1 experience with the IRS and it wasn't pleasant. Bank officer opened a TIN for an estate and used my home address for the info instead of the estate PO Box. Went to the local IRS office and they refused to change the address because I wasn't listed on the Estate in their system because there was only space for one person to be listed (my cousin). I produced court documents saying that I was in fact a co-administrator of the estate. Nope, they wouldn't even take a certified, sworn true copy with a raised seal of the judge's order that I was suppose to be there.

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by PurpleSkys In reply to OH look what I got today

! ok, now i['m getting miffed...i'm trying to post the cruddy email i got today, this will be my third attempt

Good Morning, I was up all night as always skimming on PBSs hometown career spotlight last monday and then ran into this interesting work from anywhere opportunity that helps welfare recipients make around $3000/wk+ & they did not know if i should believe it for a while yet we really had to do it myself and im happy I did because I've managed to make $262.29 on my first day actually trying. its surprisingly simple I've already gotten paid with direct deposit... it is probably the most amazing oppurtunity thats hapened to me this year.

Heres the link ABC Trys Out 2011's Most Promising Home Based Careers yt8 I really think nearly everybody thats got access to a computer should try to perform the job so thats why I'm sending this to all our friends & loved ones. I want you to signup and make some profit your self.. you can send this e-mail with every body you know that needs to make more income so we can all recover from this nightmare of an economy..

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Well Purple I'll Raise you a

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to testing

Hey again, so I was bored out of my mind and started skimming on PBS's city entrepreneur section on thursday and ran into this new online based career that helps teenagers earn around $3000/wk+ so of course she didn't really understand all of it at first yet for some reason I had to try it out and I'm happy I did because I managed to make $260.06 on my 1st full day. its surprisingly simple I've already gotten paid with direct deposit! it's the best thing thats happend to us this year..

Here is the link: PBS Studies 10 New Internet Based Jobs te3 I think just about everyone that has internet access can attempt this work so I am filling in all my old freinds and family. I'd like you to signup and make some money yourself.. you can also share this e-mail with everybody you know who needs to make more cash so we can all get out of the economic recession!

As for getting ahead in this economy all I can say is join my Sport and do your best to Eradicate Politicians. It's the only way to improve things and at the same time get a few Trophies that may be wanted when you list them on E Bay..

Just make sure that before you Kill the Bastards that you make them suffer. Granted they'll never suffer as much as they have forced us through but even a little suffering that we see sort of helps us.

I'm assuming that the Spooling Mistakes where intentional.


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you guys

by PurpleSkys In reply to Well Purple I'll Raise yo ...

get all the good spam...sigh...

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Here's a wonderful pearl I got a while ago

by TobiF In reply to you guys

I just can't hide this one from you!
To: Undisclosed recipients
Subject: ATM.

Dear Beneficiary,

It is with gladness, i write you this message, to congratulate you on the successful release of the sum of $25 Million USD to you, Credited to Online Bank ATM Card account that was set up for you in our bank the Intercontinental Bank Plc.

The Metropolitan Courier is unable to complete the Delivery of your ATM Card with the details we received from IMF, So we require some more information in order to complete this transfer.

* Your Full Names:_______________
* Contact Address:_______________
* Message Phone:________________
* Mobile Phone:_________________
* Home Phone:__________________
* Fax:_________________________
* Occupation:___________________
* Marital Status:_________________
* Age:_________________________

In order to resolve this problem, Please email us immediately. As soon as this information is received. Reply to: [obfuscated]
Call me +234-xxx-xxx-xxxx immediately.

Thank you as we anticipate your prompt response.
Yours Faithfully,
Dr Smith Isu

Wake up, it's me again.
1. Who would ever use an ATM card to handle Millions of dollars?
2. Hmm. Country code 234 is for ... Nigeria! What?
3. Oh, to the text email they attached a photo, of their office. DO have a look. But make sure your sit down when you follow the link!
If I had a bank with a spare 25 MUSD, I'd first fix the office :)

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And I bet you one of those millions...

by AnsuGisalas In reply to Here's a wonderful pearl ...

that the people seen along the lower edge of the photo are in fact too cheap to take two photos : one for the intended recipients and one for the yahoozee social club wall of fame... bytes are expensive you know.

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Nothing speaks to the credibility

by magic8ball In reply to Here's a wonderful pearl ...

Of a world class bank better, than the guy just leaning nonchalantly against the wall.

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Since we're sharing our recent spams

by wizard57m_cnet Moderator In reply to OH look what I got today

Here's a new one for me...4th this week! For the record, I've never been
to NYC. I didn't look at the "zip" file attached, probably loaded with a
trojan of some sort. Anyway, here goes:

New York State ??? Department of Motor Vehicles




Local Police Code



7:25 AM
Date of Offense



Description of Violation



I wonder how many naive people click on these things??

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Ahother one: Are you a russian translation?

by TobiF In reply to OH look what I got today

The first sentence says it pretty well:
I'm reaching out to you because Thumbtack is getting a lot of job leads for russian translations, and I'm looking for another russian translation who is interested in taking on more clients.

I have received several of these now. They definitely lack a human touch (and a bit of plain normal English, maybe that's why they're looking for someone, who is a translation...:)

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