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Oh man, how would you like to have been a passenger on this flight?

By AV . ·
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It only goes to show, that people aren't going to put up with your antics if you get out of line.


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that's when you play cards with a character like that.

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Oh man, how would you lik ...

First you deck him, then you shuffle him up REAL good.

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If I was going on vacation to somewhere, anywhere

by AV . In reply to that's when you play card ...

The last thing I would want to deal with is an out of control drunk guy or anyone like him. Is this what air travel has become now? Passengers have no choice but to spontaneously respond to the out-of-control passenger on a flight? I don't think its fair.

Maybe we need bouncers on the plane in the future. Give them a parachute if they won't shut up and throw their ugly a$$es off the plane. Thats fair. :^0


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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to If I was going on vacatio ...

It's most defiantly not fair on the remainder of the passengers opening a sealed aircraft up at altitude.

Things have got progressively worse since they outlawed Smoking on flights and the air quality has got a lot worse since that time as well.

The up side however is that it's now cheaper for the airlines to fly planes as they are not up for the expense of changing the internal air every few minutes like they had to when you where allowed to smoke on the planes.


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In the past it used to be common to strike up a conversation with your

by Deadly Ernest In reply to If I was going on vacatio ...

neighbour. Now it's common to ignore everyone else, so people take to drinking and the like, and misbehave when they get drunk.

Personally, I think the majority of the problem is due to the big delay between when you HAVE to be at the airport to check in through securefarce and the when you board - it gives people way too much time with nothing to do due to the very restricted recreational facilities on that side of the securefarce barrier and the only thing many can do is sit in the bar drinking; if they're lucky they get to talk to someone as well, and thus reduce the liquor intact. The hour or more wait in the bar means many people are drunk or half gone before they board, and it doesn't take much to finish them off afterwards.

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"...the only thing many can do is sit in the bar drinking..."

by CharlieSpencer In reply to In the past it used to be ...

I disagree with your premise.. They can kill time the same way they do during the flight, with their electronic toys, books, etc.

But if that really is the case, it's simple to fix. Take alcohol out of the airports and off the planes. Problem solved.

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Bad Bad Bad Pally

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to "...the only thing many c ...

That's a Communist philosophy.

Free Enterprise insists that companies can make money from those it forces into long waits just so that they can fly somewhere.

The fact that you get drunk faster with less alcohol when you are flying doesn't count you have to be able to buy and drink your booze and at the very least the airlines need to be able to make money off you because they don't make anywhere near enough by flying you where you want to go.


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Sorry Palmy, a lot of airports don't allow you to play with your

by Deadly Ernest In reply to "...the only thing many c ...

electronic toys in the waiting area now - some sort of security measure, they claim. The only security it provides is their feeling of job security.

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by dogknees In reply to Sorry Palmy, a lot of air ...

read a book for goodness sake.

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You are right Charlie

by Michael Jay In reply to "...the only thing many c ...

but it does not go far enough, the complete and total ban of drinking is the only answer, it did not work well the first time around, but now in 2013 it should go over quite well.

Or Not.

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If they can effectively ban my bottle of shampoo from the plane,

by CharlieSpencer In reply to You are right Charlie

then getting booze out of the airport (the only area I'm targeting) shouldn't be any problem. The airlines bring it on the planes themselves; if it's causing a problem, they know how to stop it.

My point remains that there are other things to do while waiting anywhere besides get drunk. Bring a book. Do a crossword or Sudoku. Buy a Playboy and go to the bathroom for some 'quality time', for crying out loud.

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