Oily streaks from LaserJet 4

By Tom_in_NJ ·
One of my users still has a HP LaserJet 4 that she doesn't want to replace. The output from that unit has vertical oily streaks. Any suggestions as to what to replace? The unit hasn't been serviced recently, so i'm really not sure where the oily residue is coming from.

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It Could be

by Michael Jay In reply to Oily streaks from LaserJe ...

as simple as a bad toner. But I would bet that your fuser assembly is at fault here. Remove power and at the back of the printer are 2 square popout plastic covers on the 2 screws that keep the fuser in place.

Edited to add that if you have just turned off the printer the fuser will be hot, quite hot. Inside you will see 2 rollers if they look very clean and smooth the fuser is probably not your problem, if the rollers look dirty or cracked or have labels stuck to them then this is your problem. Finding a replacement may not be too bad thru a google search.

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Check out the toner

by mjd420nova In reply to Oily streaks from LaserJe ...

If you have a spare toner cartridge, not neccesarily new, try that and see if the streak is still present. If the streak remains, it is probably the fuser assembly. It is a teflon coated roller with a heat lamp in the middle, when it wears out, it will leave streaks and a slippery trail vertically on the page. Not hard to replace, but be sure you let it cool before replacing.

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