ois password

By bilal_al_ghoch ·
need for bois cracker

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by Kiltie In reply to ois password

Pringles are good
"Once you pop, you can't stop"
so they say

Alternatively, over here in the UK they produce hedgehog flavour crisps (chips to you Americans) or even the new beer flavoured ones.


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Thank you for...

by TechExec2 In reply to Crackers?

Thank you for interpreting the UK English for us on this side of the pond.

What does a hedgehog flavoured crisp taste like? Hedgehog as in 4-legged animal?


P.S. Hey...I'm using British spelling! My "ancient" UK lineage is coming through! (all 4...English, Irish, Scottish, and Welsh, from about 175 years ago).

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