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Ok I am getting a bad feeling

By zlitocook ·
About how things are looking for us in the USA! I have been in the IT field for a few years. And I do not like what I have been seeing. It seems as a country we do not try to find answers by our self?s ant more? I look to the tech Q/A and almost all of them have been posted all time ago. Simple stuff like my system is slowing down, why and how to speed it up.
My computer is popping up stuff that I don?t want and how do I restore my computer, but I do not have the restore CD's or I do not have back ups?
Sorry but the wife loves AOL and she called to say that all her contact list had disappeared and would like to have them back.
Well she talked with John in India. Who could not understand simple things like, I need access to my saved emails and profiles? We need to keep our IT people here and help our young to learn how to work with computers.
Unless you want to let another country tell you how to use your computer!

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I feel you,man.

by tinyman2002 In reply to Ok I am getting a bad fee ...

As an IT tech myself,I understand...sometimes even we have to call to verify a product key or some other trivia and I have no personal knowledge of Hindi language or a universal translator that runs analog.
If everybody here is like me,I come here to ask tech-level questions to other techs,to read the blogs and BS with contacts...just chillin'.Sorry if we don't answer back,we'll try harder.

Your problem is the AOL software itself.If you are running AOL 9.0,uninstall it.Use version 8.0 + instead or better yet use some other service.That's my opinion.

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