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    Ok I have had it


    by zlitocook ·

    Who I contact at Techrepublic about posting and using pictures. I have set up six small companys with MS and their updates, I just sold a small compaqny on MS small busness server 2003, 30 or more emplyees with XP Pro and ether Websence or ZoneAlarm as protection.
    With the last few updates it has become a big problem because the updates will not install. I have enabled the ports and down loaded the updates. But I just get update falure, even if I go into safe mode.
    I tried this on my computer and now I may need to reload my system.
    I have disabled updates and other things from MS and I have a faster computer.

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      No Idea.

      by nz_justice ·

      In reply to Ok I have had it

      Use image shack to post your pictures and post the links of your picture back here

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      use a third party site and link to it.

      by mjwx ·

      In reply to Ok I have had it

      Like image shack as NZJ suggested. Your own site would be better. Its more secure, control over content, no ads (We’d all like no ads). Most ISP’s in AU offer about 10 MB’s of free webspace. Until I moved recently I had a small site ( but I dont know if ISP’s in the states do that.

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      Unload zonealarm

      by g.luis ·

      In reply to Ok I have had it

      I?ve had a lot of trouble with Zone Alarm, both free and paid for. Get rid of it. If you need a firewall that won?t give you problems, try Kerio. Also, make sure Windows firewall isn?t on by default. You may have disabled it at one time, but windows has a way of turning it on. Also, I would check what programs are running and what policies may be running.

      If you can, try to get SP1 and SP2 on CD. If the system doesn?t at least have SP1, you may have problems updating the machines.

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