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    OK I know strictly speaking this is more a Q & A type thing


    by hal 9000 ·

    But I thought I’d throw it open for general discussion to see how others here would deal with this problem which is becoming more of a problem every day now.

    A couple of days ago I assembled and loaded a Notebook for a customer who had one stolen. Well so far no real problems until it came to the OEM version of XP Pro that was supplied it was the new Service Pack 2 version and the makers of the Notebook chassis have already told me not to consider installing SP2 until they have done a lot more testing.

    Well I just supplied the SP2 version and loaded a volume license version of XP Pro and while strictly speaking this is not following the MS agreement I didn’t see that I had any other choice because SP2 doesn’t work on this unit at present and there currently is not projected date for a new BIOS becoming available.

    Now I’m wondering how others here would address this problem.

    Anyone wish to comment?


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      Bending the Rules

      by willcomp ·

      In reply to OK I know strictly speaking this is more a Q & A type thing

      Sometimes it is necessary to “bend the rules” to get a job accomplished. As long as you supplied a valid XP Pro sticker, don’t think M$ would be too upset.

      Preferable approach would have been to load XP Pro SP1 OEM and use key supplied with XP Pro SP2 OEM copy. Really no harm, no foul in that.

      Any way you cut it, M$ sold a copy of XP Pro and there’s a sticker on the PC. That should be all that really matters so long as customer knows what happened.



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        I tried that one

        by hal 9000 ·

        In reply to Bending the Rules

        The key for XP Pro with SP2 doesn’t work with XP Pro with SP1. I also tried to alter the key with “Key Finder” which works fairly well on most XP systems but in this case I was presented with an “Invalid Key” response.

        Granted it will not be a problem on when the next BIOS update becomes available but in the mean time it is nothing more than a pain.


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          Clarification Col

          by willcomp ·

          In reply to I tried that one

          Did you use a SP2 OEM key with Corporate (volume license) version of SP1? Retail version, OEM version, and Corporate version all have their own sets of keys that are not interchangable.


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          Dalton the XP Pro SP1

          by hal 9000 ·

          In reply to Clarification Col

          Volume License version that I used required the Key for that product as the Key for the SP2 pack wouldn’t work and nore would a SP1 version work.

          I eventually changed the key to the SP2 copy so that it looks correct through the registry the way that MS required us to do it when SP1 became available and locked out a lot of real keys as they may have been copied. I had one business with 2.5 K desktops where we had to change every product key before we could roll out SP1 so I can do it in my sleep now.

          As I’ve had a bit more time to play with this copy of XP apparently the SP1 product will not recognize the SP2 key and vise versa they seem to have their own keys like all previous copies of XP.

          Hope that sheds some light on it for you.


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      by 1stladytech ·

      In reply to OK I know strictly speaking this is more a Q & A type thing

      most OEM versions of the software include a “grandfather” clause that allows you to load a earlier version of Windows than the one that you purchased when necessary. That would allow you to load XP SP1 even though they purchased SP2 version. The rub is the codes now for activation, but you seemed to be able to get around that. (Grin)


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        Well at least I’m not breaking the EULA really

        by hal 9000 ·

        In reply to Technically

        That much maybe bending it a bit but at least I’m keeping to the intent. But I only started this discussion because I was wondering if many other had run across this type of thing.

        While it isn’t too much of a problem for me it is only one unit and I was wondering if there had been cases of this happening on a large installation.


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