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OK. I'll ask. WHO BROKE TR??

By gadgetgirl ·
This is day 2.5 in my quest to maintain a relationship with my favourite place on the web.

For the past 2.5 days, I've had constant 404's no matter what I do.

I've tried IE7, Opera, Avant AND Firefox, from two different locations.

I've tried getting on via the Forums front door, from thread titles and from actual posts.

99% of the time, I get 404'd.

Just tried to post, and got 404'd.

Who broke it?

More to the point - Doug! When is it going to be fixed??!!

Have I missed something? Did something happen? Do you need a donation for the power bill? It's not something that's been scheduled, is it? Is it??

oh - and a note to my peers



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Sorry GG

by Fregeus In reply to OK. I'll ask. WHO BROKE ...

Haven't had a single issue with TR in a long long time. Actually, not since the new site came out. Are you sure the issues are AT TR and not with your provider?


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by gadgetgirl In reply to Sorry GG

Different providers at home and work, and it happens at both.

Only this site.

Only the past 2.5 days.

I know Boxy has had some issues, too - she's had trouble getting into the Avatars thread, and the TR Peers are Great thread also, so I know it's not just me.

<shaking> I'm just trying to stop the withdrawal symptoms..... </shaking>


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I've had the same problem...

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Convinced.

And, I don't think we're alone. Just looking at the times on the posts, there was nothing posted in the forums from about 08/10 12:50am Pacific until about 08/11 2:50am. During that roughly 26 hours, I could get to the front door and actually read blogs, articles and the forums, but couldn't post. I tried posting a response to Tony Hopkinson's blog several times and never did get it done. Kept getting the good old "server error, we apologize" page. Same thing happened in the forums.

So, it's not just you GG.

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Thanks for the sanity restoration!

by gadgetgirl In reply to I've had the same problem ...

- after TCB posted, I was beginning to have (even more) doubts about myself!


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Wouldn't you know it, just got my first error...

by Fregeus In reply to Convinced.


I guess it was bound to happen. Got my first error this morning that shut down my explorer. I'm not entirely convinced it was a TR error thought.

Anyways, got back on really quickly. Sorry for your withdrawl symptoms. Take a pink pill and call me in the morning :-P


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I cannot tell a lie

by NickNielsen In reply to OK. I'll ask. WHO BROKE ...

It wasn't me!
For me, everything at TR went to h3ll in a handbasket at about noon EDT on Sunday and stayed that way until Monday morning sometime after 6AM.
As for 404s:
<p>?I haven't been able to get to the TR home page without a 404 since the last software update.
?The forums page has been coming right up.
?My Workspace since forever? 404, 404, 404, 404, finally!
Not sure what's happening at TR, but it's definitely affecting the experience.
<br> <br>
Edit: formatting

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I did have problems but don't anymore.

by OnTheRopes In reply to OK. I'll ask. WHO BROKE ...

I couldn't do anything besides just look during the hours ThumbsUp2 indicated but since yesterday morning it's been fine for me, not a single 404.

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I see. So now you've sent it across the pond, have you?

by gadgetgirl In reply to I did have problems but d ...


Ok, I know where I stand now, don't I?

(J/k! j/k!)

so tomorrow should be better, yes?!


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Not if I take the meds!

by gadgetgirl In reply to I hope it's better for yo ...

sorry, couldn't resist!

I only had those once - on a Sunday morning from home, so that would be..... <checks calendar> on 27 Aug.

Thought it was a hangover till I realised I hadn't been drinking.........


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