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    OK. I’ll ask. WHO BROKE TR??


    by gadgetgirl ·

    This is day 2.5 in my quest to maintain a relationship with my favourite place on the web.

    For the past 2.5 days, I’ve had constant 404’s no matter what I do.

    I’ve tried IE7, Opera, Avant AND Firefox, from two different locations.

    I’ve tried getting on via the Forums front door, from thread titles and from actual posts.

    99% of the time, I get 404’d.

    Just tried to post, and got 404’d.

    Who broke it?

    More to the point – Doug! When is it going to be fixed??!!

    Have I missed something? Did something happen? Do you need a donation for the power bill? It’s not something that’s been scheduled, is it? Is it??

    oh – and a note to my peers



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      Sorry GG

      by fregeus ·

      In reply to OK. I’ll ask. WHO BROKE TR??

      Haven’t had a single issue with TR in a long long time. Actually, not since the new site came out. Are you sure the issues are AT TR and not with your provider?


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        by gadgetgirl ·

        In reply to Sorry GG

        Different providers at home and work, and it happens at both.

        Only this site.

        Only the past 2.5 days.

        I know Boxy has had some issues, too – she’s had trouble getting into the Avatars thread, and the TR Peers are Great thread also, so I know it’s not just me.

        I’m just trying to stop the withdrawal symptoms…..


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          I’ve had the same problem…

          by thumbsup2 ·

          In reply to Convinced.

          And, I don’t think we’re alone. Just looking at the times on the posts, there was nothing posted in the forums from about 08/10 12:50am Pacific until about 08/11 2:50am. During that roughly 26 hours, I could get to the front door and actually read blogs, articles and the forums, but couldn’t post. I tried posting a response to Tony Hopkinson’s blog several times and never did get it done. Kept getting the good old “server error, we apologize” page. Same thing happened in the forums.

          So, it’s not just you GG.

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          Thanks for the sanity restoration!

          by gadgetgirl ·

          In reply to I’ve had the same problem…

          – after TCB posted, I was beginning to have (even more) doubts about myself!


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          Wouldn’t you know it, just got my first error…

          by fregeus ·

          In reply to Convinced.


          I guess it was bound to happen. Got my first error this morning that shut down my explorer. I’m not entirely convinced it was a TR error thought.

          Anyways, got back on really quickly. Sorry for your withdrawl symptoms. Take a pink pill and call me in the morning 😛


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      I cannot tell a lie

      by nicknielsen ·

      In reply to OK. I’ll ask. WHO BROKE TR??

      It wasn’t me!

      For me, everything at TR went to h3ll in a handbasket at about noon EDT on Sunday and stayed that way until Monday morning sometime after 6AM.

      As for 404s:

      ?I haven’t been able to get to the TR home page [u]without[/u] a 404 since the last software update.

      ?The forums page has been coming right up.

      ?My Workspace since forever? 404, 404, 404, 404, finally!

      Not sure what’s happening at TR, but it’s definitely affecting the experience.

      Edit: formatting

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      I did have problems but don’t anymore.

      by ontheropes ·

      In reply to OK. I’ll ask. WHO BROKE TR??

      I couldn’t do anything besides just look during the hours ThumbsUp2 indicated but since yesterday morning it’s been fine for me, not a single 404.

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      Sorry, GG, it may be just you.

      by charliespencer ·

      In reply to OK. I’ll ask. WHO BROKE TR??

      I haven’t had a bit of trouble since last Thursday or so, from work or at home, with FF or IE.

      Probably another case of women not understanding technology…

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        There is no need to be like that.

        by gadgetgirl ·

        In reply to Sorry, GG, it may be just you.

        I have admitted multiple times on this site that I do NOT understand technology. I admit that freely.

        I also admit that it’s not just me – see ThumbsUp2’s post above.

        And you DO have a bit of trouble.

        Or, rather you will.

        From me…….


        (Feel guilty yet?)

        • #2918726

          by charliespencer ·

          In reply to There is no need to be like that.

          Aw, geez, Gadgie, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean nuthin’ by it. Don’t tell Principal Tammy on me! She’ll tell my Ol’ Man and I’ll get a whippin’!

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      Well GG, I’ts like this

      by w2ktechman ·

      In reply to OK. I’ll ask. WHO BROKE TR??

      I got up Sunday morning, and had a smoke, came in and I had no Internet connection.

      So, I went along with my other plans for the day. When I got back home that night (11:PM) I found out that my connection was still out, so I rebooted my router and modem. Still a no go
      So, I went to bed.
      It was only a short time after that, that TR came back online, so it must be My router that caused the problem.
      I had no idea that Scummy’s home router was the Main Router for TR worldwide, but it is apparently so :0

      Next time I will reboot it more attentively!

      • #2918745

        – and instantly!

        by gadgetgirl ·

        In reply to Well GG, I’ts like this

        thanks, sweetz, that DID make me laugh.

        Don’t tell me – Scummys religion made him disconnect the router….. 😀


        • #2918739

          Nope, it was just a case of

          by w2ktechman ·

          In reply to – and instantly!

          bad timing.
          Scummy had a day planned with the niece before she leaves the state and just didnt want to try to figure out why TR was breaking my router.

          well, she isnt my niece yet, but the bro seems serious about this one.
          but she is a cute little dorky brat!
          And for some reason she likes to attack the Scummy often (and then complain that I smell like cigs — lol). Everything from sudden death choke holds to jumping on my back and slapping my head to gummy worm fights, to……..

          Now how could I even think about fixin TR with a day of that planned. 🙂

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        by boxfiddler ·

        In reply to Well GG, I’ts like this

        Sunday, Aug 10, 9am US central through about 2:30am Monday, Aug 11 was the biggest TR pita I have ever experienced. Completely unable to post, start discussions or questions. Couldn’t even get into questions without going through My Forum Posts, which as often as not 404’d. The discussion listing on the boards did not change all day. By mid-afternoon, I couldn’t expand that list by clicking on ‘View All’. Weirdly, Contacts was updating. I could watch folks come and go. By the time I crashed, about 2:30am Monday, TR was dead in the water. Couldn’t get anything but the Blogs page and the display was totally a mess.

        It ain’t just you.

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      My Sunday past…

      by boxfiddler ·

      In reply to OK. I’ll ask. WHO BROKE TR??

      20 hour outage pales in comparison.

      Sunday was pretty weird here, but Monday morning things were working again. Mostly. Still a few 404’s hanging about.

      Gotta wonder what they’re up to in the back room.

      • #2918705

        It was that intern

        by santeewelding ·

        In reply to My Sunday past…

        Spoofing his location and identity.

      • #2918699


        by boxfiddler ·

        In reply to My Sunday past…

        ya gotta watch them thar, like a hawk. Make sure they’re not smokin’ sumpin funny.

      • #2918639

        They had a TR party

        by the scummy one ·

        In reply to My Sunday past…

        , complete with lots of Alcohol and other unmentioned items/consumables

        Well, they were busy laughing when the site went down, and tried really hard to get by the purple snakes and blue Dragons to get to the server rack to work on it, however it was an adventure that took some time. After all, the magic lock on the door needed to be cracked as well.
        What they didnt realize at the time, they were trying to crack the lock to get OUT of the server room, instead of to get in! :0

        So, after about 20 hours of fighting off giant green ants, and floating air sharks they managed to find the console to try to get things back together.
        They really did work hard at making things go smoothly, however I think that those blue/orange pin striped fly’s were responsible from that point on

        • #2918635

          You, sir

          by santeewelding ·

          In reply to They had a TR party

          Appear to speak from direct experience. Uncannily resembling events I dimly recall, effects maybe to this day.

        • #2918621

          Who Me???

          by the scummy one ·

          In reply to You, sir


    • #2918703

      Oh, to answer your question…

      by boxfiddler ·

      In reply to OK. I’ll ask. WHO BROKE TR??

      • #2918695

        Hey! I saw that. :0

        by ontheropes ·

        In reply to Oh, to answer your question…

        I’ll take the blame. It’s all my fault.

        • #2918636


          by the scummy one ·

          In reply to Hey! I saw that. :0

          read above. TR used my home router for their WW operations, and the little thing just stopped working until I rebooted it

        • #2918620

          I was trying to cover for you.

          by ontheropes ·

          In reply to Nope!

          That’s what High Deacons do.

          Still like the sound of that.

        • #2918619

          I just got my first 404 of the day.

          by ontheropes ·

          In reply to Nope!

          Let’s see how this reply goes.

          Edit: Must’ve been a one time thing. This reply went just fine.

    • #2918701

      Gone a few days

      by gsg ·

      In reply to OK. I’ll ask. WHO BROKE TR??

      and all heck breaks loose.

      I was on Sunday with no problem, but that was fairly late.

    • #2918601

      Hey GG!

      by tink! ·

      In reply to OK. I’ll ask. WHO BROKE TR??

      I, personally, haven’t seen but a trace of you lately.

      I’ve only encounted the 404’s twice in the last few days. Once after reading Nick’s post about trouble with them. LOL! 😀

      Then once more a day or so later. But otherwise TR has been behaving for me. But I do avoid using the My Workspace link. And instead just go to Forums and then click My Forum Posts.

      Hi from Tink 🙂

    • #2918588

      Sunday night

      by tonythetiger ·

      In reply to OK. I’ll ask. WHO BROKE TR??

      I got to the site, but there were NO questions, NO, discussions and NO ‘Post from Contacts’.

      “My Forum Posts” worked and I could click on those discussions/questions and read them, but when I tried to reply or post new I got the 404.

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      Avatar photo

      I can not tell a lie…

      by Tammy.Cavadias ·

      In reply to OK. I’ll ask. WHO BROKE TR??

      .. I broke it 🙁

      Actually I think I broke everything… myself and the boards 🙁

      You still having issues GG?

      -Tammy 🙂

      • #2918542


        by the scummy one ·

        In reply to I can not tell a lie…

        Look up a bit! I broke it by letting TR re-route all of their traffic through my Comcast connection via my home router!!!

        Geez, at least make it believable!

        Ok, I can say that you probably did break yourself, but it is mostly due to the Scummier peoples on this board (Hal, etc..)!

        • #2918516
          Avatar photo

          So it was Comcast!

          by Tammy.Cavadias ·

          In reply to LIAR!!!

          I should have known 😉

          But I did break myself… shhhhhhheeeshhh…

          It’s bad enough to come back from vacation with two broken toes and chipped a bone in ones jaw (plus the fractured tooth)… but to add insult to injury.. today is the first day in 4 days that I feel sorta normal (darn flu – so stay away from me – don’t breathe the air I breathe – quick clean your monitor I breathed on it)

          -Tammy 🙂

        • #2918514


          by the scummy one ·

          In reply to So it was Comcast!

          Ok, I thought Mentally Broke. You broke yourself pretty good… But I am sure that we are breaking you in other areas :0

          just a matter of time now Devil3

    • #2918528

      Has a few similar oens too

      by oz_media ·

      In reply to OK. I’ll ask. WHO BROKE TR??

      I’ve had it, of course always when posting and never when I don’t give a crap and can just go somewhere else.

      the other day, I had to copy and paste to notepad then left the POST window open while i went out for dinner, got home and hit submit , no go. Closed, reopened c&p the message, Submit…404 again.

      Waited until the next morning and it worked again.

      #^|$$@!*&(‘n TR and these damn peers! Why I oughta!!!!

    • #2918505

      Somebody Did it Good on Sunday

      by av . ·

      In reply to OK. I’ll ask. WHO BROKE TR??

      On Sunday, I could get in and look at posts, but couldn’t post anything all day or night. If I went into the “You guys are great…” post I kept getting 404s. If I tried other ways to get around it, I got the system failure page (not sure what number that is, but a different message page than the 404). Its definitely not just you.

      On Monday, I had slow loading pages and a couple 404s. I posted on Monday night, but I made sure to copy it to Wordpad first because things were loading a little slooow.

      Today, seems better, for me at least, but I’d still like to know what happened. If forums are down but the rest of the site is up, a brief message would be nice. Something like “Forums is experiencing technical difficulties at this time. Rest assured, we are hard at work fixing the problem, so try again later, same bat time same bat channel.”

      AV :^0

      • #2918503

        I just got this error the first time I tried to post my previous message

        by av . ·

        In reply to Somebody Did it Good on Sunday

        You must enter a title for your message. You must enter the text for the body of your message. Error trying to locate resource.

        I was able to hit back and retype the title and a word of the text and then it posted. Guess things aren’t fixed all the way afterall. 🙁


        Edited: changed this to my previous in the title.

    • #2927521

      I thought it was just me

      by mjd420nova ·

      In reply to OK. I’ll ask. WHO BROKE TR??

      Things have been pretty wacko since I came back home from a week in the woods on Monday. First it couldn’t find and discussions or questions and then when it did the font was so huge I couldn’t read it. I did a system restore back to Saturday and that seemed to fix things but it may have just been a coincidence.

    • #2927513


      by boxfiddler ·

      In reply to OK. I’ll ask. WHO BROKE TR??

      someone used duct tape to ‘fix’ TR. This evening, I have received a ‘server not found’ or 404 with every post I make, and every page refresh.

      Duct tape is great, but I think not for software and servers. 😉

    • #2927478

      Some forking SPAMMER!!!

      by boxfiddler ·

      In reply to OK. I’ll ask. WHO BROKE TR??

      And he’s at it again. 😉

    • #2927470


      by .martin. ·

      In reply to OK. I’ll ask. WHO BROKE TR??

      It great to know it is not just my computer stepping up a step to it eventual path of “I’m not going to connect to the internet/network”

      (yes, it has started AGAIN)
      (waiting for it to die on Friday…)

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      What, When, Where, Why

      by Tammy.Cavadias ·

      In reply to OK. I’ll ask. WHO BROKE TR??

      Hey Everyone!

      This is the down and dirty of what Happen on Sunday – (for all you techie folks)

      *What happened?
      The primary database for the TechRepublic Community webapp entered a deadlocked state. The webapp could not insert new messages into the database nor update or retrieve existing ones. While the webapp does cache quite a bit of data, the database is a single point of failure.

      During this time, all Community-powered pages and features were intermittently available, while we tried to recover and restore the webapp and database.

      * Why did it happen?
      We are still researching the cause.


      -Tammy 🙂

    • #2927223

      404’s here too.. it’s getting worse

      by neon samurai ·

      In reply to OK. I’ll ask. WHO BROKE TR??

      It used to be just the odd time in the forums on a busy day.

      Then consistantly, MyWorkspace begain presenting 404 on the first click but I can live with being cached first then loaded on the second click.

      For the last week or more, the front image ( has consistently presented 404 usually five or six times before finally getting through.

      Now, it’s 404 on splashpage, 404 on MyWorkspace, 404 on most comment posts. I’m also starting to not even get 404; just an IE white “no response” page. Sometimes a couple of reloads will finally get the page up.

      I’ve been mentioning it usually in replacement of a resulting duplicate post. It’s not the doing of the writers but I’d like to think they are mentioning it too in the weekly status meetings. Someone in the server cluster support area needs to review the SLA.

      We’re all or mostly techs so we understand that systems are generaly good with some glitches. This is becoming general glitchy with some good days.

      One one hand, I hope it’s becuase TR is so popular it’s busting at the seems.

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