OK, serious Data Recovery question

By Ironspider ·
Recently my SO sent a laptop into Toshiba and they reformatted the entire HDD w/o permission or notification.

So my question is, Does anyone know of any programs or devices that'll recover the data? (obviously the FEDs have something, but I doubt they'll let me borrow it)

P.S. It's my SO's computer and she didnt back it up and obviously she should've. So there, we're all stupid/moronic/idiotic/jacka$$e$/retards/newbs/etc for not backing it up. Now that I've called her and I plenty of names for not backing up, maybe we can skip that part and find a solution. :)

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Remove the HDD and then use this

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to OK, serious Data Recovery ...

With all the time that you are going to waste you will probably be better off buying a new HDD and cloning that from the existing HDD then fitting it to the NB and taking the NB's HDD and fitting it to a USB Caddy.

Then install the X Ways product to the NB and save all the recovered files to the NB's HDD so you do not overwrite any more files.

Performing a new image is always the first thing that any NB company does to just prove that there is a Hardware problem and not a software problem. The number of times that a supposedly faulty NB can be made good by returning it to As New Software Load is beyond belief so that is why it's done.

When I have to return NB's that have important data on them I send them in with a blank new HDD fitted. It saves a lot of problems and makes it easy to be sure that you not only have any data saved but also any Encryption Keys always available when needed.

If you don't already have Forensic Software it's quite often far cheaper to send the job way to a Data Recovery House as they will get it done quicker and have better software to do the job.


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My preference for data recovery

by Langlier In reply to Remove the HDD and then u ...

is intuits Easy Recovery Professional

Col makes some good recommendations I just prefer different software. Most likely you'll find that unless the data you lost is very valuable indeed that you are getting into a rather expensive venture (new HD, software, USB adapter or forensic recovery all cost a pretty penny)

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