ok so my boss wants to acccess his desktop remotely... suggestions please

By XnavyDK ·
we are on a private network. I use different things to remote in to my server, but I need a viable on demand application that can access his desktop whenever he wants.

Ive looked at webex, teamviewer and pcanywhere and a few others. Anyone have any good suggestions?

This has to be something captain caveman can use.

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yea i know what you are doing when you read this...

by XnavyDK In reply to ok so my boss wants to ac ...


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Assuming Windows

by mamies In reply to ok so my boss wants to ac ...

Assuming that he is using a Windows Machine, cant he just use a laptop set up with a VPN, a wireless internet card and Remote Desktop into the computer.

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by ms In reply to ok so my boss wants to ac ...

If using Windows servers and clients I would setup an RDP connection with a secure port number setup for him.

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I thought about RDP

by XnavyDK In reply to Windows?

but don't I have to make his IP static for that to work on a dynamic? Ive only been able to get RDP to work internally, and to the servers since they are static. One of the many things i need to learn I guess.

I tested LOGMEIN and some others of that nature. seem to work fine for his immedaite needs. I work on both of your suggestions. thanks

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Bomgar Jump Client

by james.jones In reply to I thought about RDP

My main client has another consultant that they use for issues that are beyond my skill level. He's halfway across the country, though, so he always remotes in. Apparently he does this for clients all across Canada, and he uses this Bomgar Jump Client. I'm told the price is rather shocking, on the order of $10K+, but the license is per seat on his end, and he's free to install as many clients around the world as he needs. It seems to jump through NAT & firewalls without any configuration required, though I'm not sure how. All of the mission critical boxes here have this service running, and it displays a system tray icon at all times, but changes colour when he's connected (rather like VNC, as I recall).

-Jim "JimmyJazz" Jones

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by StealthWiFi In reply to I thought about RDP

As you said you tried LogMeIn it's the way to go, no need for a static IP, runs as a service and is free. If he wants the extra features he can buy it, works great!


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LogMeIn vs. Remobo

by HeavySnarker In reply to LogMeIn

How does LogMeIn compare to Remobo? LogMeIn took over Hamachi, which was a pretty good VPN free application (before the take-over). I've never tried Remobo, but it's another free VPN application (another Hamachi?)

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I think it can be dynamic

by mamies In reply to I thought about RDP

You are able to use the computer name aswell to log into the computer remotely so im pretty certain that the IP Address does not have to be static for this to work

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it would have to be

by XnavyDK In reply to I think it can be dynamic


tried it, doesnt work. gives me a terminal server error.

hmmm. ts error.. do I have TS enabled??? omg

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