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OK, so who's up for a beer?

By neilb@uk ·
So, I'm over here in sunny Florida just across from St Peretsburg. It's a mild 89F (hotter up where jd is getting toasted by global warming at the moment).
If there's any local peers that fancy a cold beer - I'm buying. Send me a peer-mail...
Nice place, nice beach, nice exchange rate.
Ma's sitting under the burgundy and white beach-brolly.
Later, peeps!
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You lucky bugger!

by gadgetgirl In reply to OK, so who's up for a bee ...

hey, I've just told Dad (of DadsPad fame!) that you're in Florida, cos him is tooooo!

Whoever you get, make sure you have at least one drink for me, too!

Assume you got there ok, and that Mum is enjoying the sun?

oh, and if they're YOUR footprints - haven't you got big ... .... .... feet??!!



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Did you just say

by jdclyde In reply to You lucky bugger!

he is lucky to get buggered? :0

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oooh no! ooohnonononono!

by gadgetgirl In reply to Did you just say



wash your mouth out with soap immediately!

He's with his Mum!

He can't use language like that with his Mum around! :0


Manners, you!



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She was wondering

by jdclyde In reply to oooh no! ooohnonononono!

why it took so long in the Airport restrooms! :0


(not sure if you picked up on the latest trend or not)

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It is a toasty one, isn't it?

by jdclyde In reply to OK, so who's up for a bee ...

Perfect for beer drinking! They should have invented this global warming thing years ago! B-)

It was so hot over the weekend, they canceled my boys Cross Country match, half way through the day, and before he even got a chance to run his race. ( 3 mile run ). And did I mention, it was ONLY a 3 hour drive (each way) to get to this race? Better than that dude in Chicago that DIED in the race yesterday.

Anywho, sitting down there in Florida, watch out for all the Canuks! Most haven't started their grand migration yet, but soon!

Also (serious note for a change) try not to look like tourists! That is the most dangerous state in the US for tourists.

Have you peered JCK? Maybe King Swill will have some of his home brew left?

Enjoy the trip.


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Dangerous for tourists in St. Pete?

by DadsPad In reply to It is a toasty one, isn't ...

You must be thinking of Miami! St. Pete is far north of me, just west of Tampa, which is west of Orlando (where Disney World is located). If you look at a map of Florida, he will be on the west coast in the middle of the state. On the map of Florida, look at the very bottom (southern) tip (not the keys, they are islands) you will see Miami, I am north of there above Ft. Lauderdale. Or about 4 or so hours from St. Pete.

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Hey Dad, I knew you couldn't make it

by neilb@uk In reply to Dangerous for tourists in ...

We once made the mistake of staying in Port Charlotte on the Gulf Coast and flying in and out of FL. That was a canny 200 mile drive across Alligator Alley but not one that I'd do for a beer!


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although the drive is still boring

by DadsPad In reply to Hey Dad, I knew you could ...

Alligator Alley is now part of I75, so is not so dangerous as it used to be. I am sure there are closer airports now!!!

Have fun and will miss talking to you in person.

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King swill

by neilb@uk In reply to It is a toasty one, isn't ...

I've just missed jck on a couple of occasions and left voicemail. He is the one peer (ex-peer?) that I'm definitely aiming to see as he's about thirty miles north of here.


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I expect a full review

by jdclyde In reply to King swill

on how his home brew is!

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