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Ok, what next?

By royceb1 ·
Having been in this "line of work" for over 17 years, I have seen a lot! Certification is a great starting place for the rookie. Experence is the greatest asset I have in my pocket. Sure, I have a couple a certs, they don't mean *$*%$ with out the experence. Who was the character that said "degreed individuals were the only ones capable of independent thought."

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I got over 20 years...

by FluxIt In reply to Ok, what next?

I am at a turn in my career too. At first, my career was a road map. I was speed racer looking for the signs. Soon I realized that my career was more like a puzzle. I began trying to put the pieces together. Puzzle not! Today I look back 20 years plus and see I was the happiest when I was between jobs and running my own little practice.

From 76 to 85 I operated a small building maintenance company and began working in technology around 82 as well. Then again from 94 to 95 I operated a consulting practice while returning to school and then took a few management jobs one was a third attempt to build a technology consulting business that failed because of unpleasant experiences with CPA’s. I then worked in government and enjoyed the work but I found I was not challenged as things happen slowly. Also most people are on a retirement program in government jobs.

After seeing the abuses over the years, poor decisions, and improper use of technology I decided to start a fourth business. I am leveraging other peoples labor for profit, using my skills to leverage business processes through technology and building a management infrastructure I believe in for growth. Overall, it is a lifestyle. I am trying to avoid venture capitalist, borrowing money, or going public who are people that drive the business and your lifestyle.

You could pursue the corporate ladder but I think most people would be better off pursuing a closely held business. Find something you like to do andpursue it with all your heart.

In most states it is really easy to start a home business and it reduces your taxes. Reference materials are available at local bookstores and the IRS allows 5 years to turn a profit before declaring the business a hobby. Start by targeting 1 or 2 income rich zipcodes. Local libraries have various studies and local governments have economic development offices where information is available.

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Independent Thought

by FluxIt In reply to Ok, what next?

I have nearly 400 college quarter hours over the 23 years. One thing I have learned is college education is not about knowledge. In fact, in my early years at one school the philosophy was to get rid of people at all cost. They drove GPA's down, skewed the bell curve, and had professors who were obstinate jerks.

I had various experiences at three other schools. In short, GPA is a measurement of your tolerance in a social system and has little relationship to your grasp of a subject matter. Knowledge is not what they impart upon you but what you decide to take. When these schools say that students only retain less than 10% of what they teach, I say that 90% of what they teach is worthless as I had a thirst for knowledge and had to go get it on my own.

Then employers remark they only hire people with 3.5+ GPA's. Well if the average is 2.3, anything else is a pipe dream. I had employers profile me with batteries of test. I had an IQ too high for one job and in another I failed a psychologist test. It was silly to base employment on something like this when in the end people only hire people dumber than themselves. So being employed is like being a dumb blonde. You are hired for what you appear to be and not who you are. You are paid not for your experience but what they think you need. So tell them you got 12 kids, a wife, and a lot of bills. Look desperate.

I developed independent thought only because I choose to pursue it on my own. I read, researched, and listened. I know the truth. But I act like a phony Dale Carnegie dweeb in the workplace. Why because my life is so important and now have a bigger fish tank despite having an ocean and leaving with just a big fish tank after the class.

In conclusion, independent thought is your ability to break out of social and professional circles. It is a willingness and desire to seek knowledge and truth on your own.

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by rrgilmore_2001 In reply to Independent Thought

I am not sure I agree with you on this. That your GPA is a measurement of your tolerance in a social system. I have a 3.3 GPA out of 4.0 and I have been called everything under the sun except social.
I went to college to get ahead not socialize.
You are paid not for your experience but what they think you need?
This is interesting if this is true then I will be making a six-figure income in my next position.

This I will agree with you on: people only hire people dumber than themselves

I see this a lot I live with a C.O.O for all you who do not know what that is, it's
Chief Operating Officer / General manager in some case's

I do not see anyone smarter than here at the company
Maybe the owner and that's only because he owns the company
He is only smarter because she works for him.

I really believe people hire people because of personality's above all else

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missed point

by FluxIt In reply to GPA's

You seemed to have missed the point. College is a social system and you do socialize. It may not be drinking and wild parties but it is a social system just as your work place is a social system.

It is true that employers pay what they think youneed not what they say you are worth. For example, one employer had two identical positions and two male candidates filled them. One was married and the other was single. The married guy got paid $10,000 more because he was married and 'needed the money'. Coincidentally, it made the employer 'feel' good.

Compatibility is a major factor in hiring. Afterall, who wants to work with someone who is a combative?

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