Ok who's blocking my ports?

By jimmy-jam ·
I have a strange problem (at least I think so). I suddenly can't seem to connect to any of the open ports on my computer. I have a program which I run that opens port 104 for image transfer. For some reason I can no longer connect. I did a port scan (locally) and it shows the ports as open. I do not have a firewall running but just for grins I created an exception for port 104 in my windows firewall. I just can't seem to connect.

Is there a way to tell who/what is blocking my TCP/IP connection?

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Tried Wireshark or Nmap?

by seanferd In reply to Ok who's blocking my port ...

Some tools pick up on things others don't.

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I would try a...

by ---TK--- In reply to Ok who's blocking my port ...

netstat -a... It will show everything thats listening and established... ports... good stuff...

Added: I would also try Releasing and renewing your IP, and all those basics. ping the loop back addy.... When stuff like this happens to me I often over look the basics and kick myself in the rear later.

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