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okay gui stuffs

By Jaqui ·
which "desktop environment" do you use, and why?

if you were working on a system closer to or at os minimums, which would you use and why?

I personally preffer using enlightenment for my gui.
completely different from windows, so it stops winders weenies from touching my system. :)

for a barely functional system under the os, I use blackbox. it's nicer looking than the motif based lestif and mwm.

though, windowmaker is also a good gui for this low end system.

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Gnome modern and FVWM legacy

by jmgarvin In reply to okay gui stuffs

I can make FVWM sing and Gnome is perty...

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I remember

by Jaqui In reply to Gnome modern and FVWM leg ...

starting gnome 1.4, with no network running and it kept throwing an error up.
didn't impress me at all with "requiring" an active network to run right.

I still like enlightenment. clean. no fancy bells and whistles cluttering it up.
no trash bin, to icons, no taskbar.
no stat button.
if you ain't got a 3 button mouse, better get one.
( and the fault in older versions of loading enlightenment to 128% was the funniest )

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