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Okay, I've had it. I call for an EXIT STRATEGY to this war.

By maxwell edison ·
The war on poverty was unilaterally declared by President Johnson on April 24, 1964. The battle continues, with no end in sight.

There was no formal declaration of war issued by the United States Congress.

It's been over forty years of waging this war, and according to the leaders in his own party, there is still no end in sight.

I call on those people to clearly define the objectives, so that success may be clearly measured.

I call on those people to force self-governance so that we may pull our troops fighting this war out of harm's way. It's time for those troops to tend to their own families.

I call on those people to put a cap on the cost of this war. We've spent upwards of 10 trillion dollars fighting this war, and all it's accomplished is to put our nation on the road to financial disaster.

This war has not eliminated the enemy, but rather strengthened their foothold in that territory and emboldened their cause; and it's even encouraged more insurgents to enter the fray.

We have become an occupation force, not a liberation force.

I call on those people who support this illegal war to clearly define an exit strategy.

And I call on those people who support this illegal war to set an exit date.

Who's with me on this?

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I Agree

by Bob in Calgary In reply to Okay, I've had it. I call ...

I'm with you 100% The War on Terror, No sorry, Drugs, Oops wrong again, Poverty (Got it right that time) Must come to an end.

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And I agree with you 100%

by maxwell edison In reply to I Agree

The war on terror: Terrorism is a tactic, not an enemy. I have always maintained that the enemy, which is Islamo-Fascism, has never been clearly articulated to the American people.

The war on drugs: Not only has it failed to eradicate, or even curtail, drug use, but it has actually caused more crime. Moreover, the infringement on individual rights is contrary to both the letter and intent of the constitution. Law enforcement agencies are using this as a revenue generator. Smoke a cigarette. Drink a scotch. Smoke a joint. It's a personal decision, perhaps a choice between that person and her doctor, and I call for the freedom to choose.

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A very rare occasion

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Okay, I've had it. I call ...

Tony the socialist tree hugger wno's comrades are regulary found under american beds clad in just a fur hat, agrees with Mr Edison.

The war on poverty pisses me off. Strategically I support it whole heartedly, the reason we haven't won it yet though is because the tactics SUCK.

Strategy number 1
Lend the leaders of the country money. So they can fortify they palaces, employ thugs and shoot them dangerous hungry f'kers outside.

Strategy number 2
Give the leaders of the country money, in return for preferential trade agreements, arms sales, rights to natural resources etc.

So they can fortify they palaces, employ thugs and shoot them dangerous hungry f'kers outside.

Have these solutions worked ?

Has our extreme, continuous generosity in muliple charitable events ever made a long term difference to the real problem ?

We need to help them earn money, not give them it.
Course one of that ways we've got to do that is free trade. There are certain interests in the developed world, who's concept of free trade means they are free to trade where they like.

We've got to stop that. They'll whinge and whine, buy some more politicians to block it. But until poverty stricken societies become affluent (all is relative). They'll have a cheap source of goods and of course labour, and we'll be faced with watching little kids die on tv and a freephone number for a donation to keep watching it.

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I agree also

by zlitocook In reply to Okay, I've had it. I call ...

I am still in disbelief about looking for oil in our protected wildlife areas and bush telling our small towns to cut down forest to support thier schools. And then send so much money over seas that our support for any thing here is gone.
Our schools have cut out art, special events and alot of other things because they do not get enough money. Bush said that thousands of jobs were created but most are in the fast food, warehouse and other low paying jobs. But he is fast to let more low paid people into this country that take some of the higher paying IT jobs.
Bring our people home and start using our money here.

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Why do I get the feeling?

by maxwell edison In reply to I agree also

That you didn't read the message to which you replied?


You didn't understand it?


If you did read it and understand it, you decided to spew partisan rhetoric instead of addressing the initial message?

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read title only, spew leftist cr@p

by Absolutely In reply to I agree also

That's an odd debating strategy you have zlito. Are you even trying to support those ideas, or to make them appear stupid by association with your method?

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by zlitocook In reply to read title only, spew lef ...

Yes I am!
Trying to get other to see what is going on is a bad thing and I try to confuse them with real life ideas.
Most people only see what is going on now not the full picture.
If I say or put an idea in the mix I make people stop and think, what a way to do things?
But wait I had replys to it? Sorry just trying to get people see more then what is going on in the real world. Not just the next day and so on.

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Either/Or question

by Absolutely In reply to Well

You respond "Yes"!

How did you know that's my favorite joke?

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It will never happen

by antuck In reply to Okay, I've had it. I call ...

It will never happen. Every time the government says a war on something but doesn't send troops, you know it is a waste of money.

I'd be for it as long as we also stopped giving money away to other countries. As long as we dump billions into other countries pockets, then the American people deserve a piece of the pie too.

Also, take the tax breaks away from the rich as the can pay just like everybody else.

But as I first stated, it's a "war on" with no troops. So it will always be a money pit for someone.

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fair enough

by Absolutely In reply to Okay, I've had it. I call ...

Saddam was a bad guy, but the Shiites and the Kurds didn't wage their own insurrection, so we should not decide for them what is important enough to fight and what isn't.

Poverty is bad, but the people who are chronically poor aren't doing what's necessary to overthrow their own poverty, so we should not decice for them what is important enough to work for and what isn't.

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