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Okay, this is getting absurd...

By cmiller5400 ·
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Okay, this is getting absurd. I was on Newegg earlier today looking at a shell shocker deal they had, and I saw a bundle and I clicked on it to bring up some electronic piano's. SO... Here I am back at TR and what do I see... An add for Newegg that offers new customers $10 off their first order. AND to top it off, they had the EXACT keyboards on the advertisement that I was looking at.

Coincidence? I think not.

I'm getting tired of ad's raiding my cookies to see my shopping/browsing habits. Maybe it's time we stood up to these companies and said enough is enough: don't touch my cookies

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It's their cookies, not ours.

by AnsuGisalas In reply to Okay, this is getting abs ...

Flush them down the toilet... preferably along with a righteous log!
See if they still want them then

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Ah Yes

by cmiller5400 In reply to It's their cookies, not o ...

The log will contain lots of mercaptan if I have anything to do with it ]:)

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Hm...a little logic.

by jck In reply to It's their cookies, not o ...

If I buy a house...and I pay for my house...

And I invite someone in my house...and they bring cookies...and leave them at my house...should a 2nd person be able to come into my house without telling me and use those cookies however they want?

If you leave cookies at my house, they become my cookies (with special exceptions...of course). And if you come try to take cookies you didn't leave, I shoot you and let the coroner come get you.

Moral of this story: Keep your hands off my cookies! lol :^0

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Well... if you put it like that...

by AnsuGisalas In reply to Hm...a little logic.

These cookies are more akin to urinal cakes than to baked goods though

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by jck In reply to Well... if you put it lik ...

and, they leave no crumb trail...I'm in!!! :^0

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Best to eat your "cookies" fast before others get them...

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Okay, this is getting abs ...
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It's a great product...

by cmiller5400 In reply to Best to eat your "co ...

I use it constantly to clean the "crap" off the system. However, It was within one session that I checked TR and wham up came the advert. Ticks me off to no end that they think they have the right to do that. Worst part is sites require the blasted things to work otherwise I'd just disable them.

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Say 'No' to Cookies!

by NexS In reply to Okay, this is getting abs ...

Unless they're choc-chip... or macadamia.. or malt...

Actually, I really like cookies.

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I like cookie...

by jck In reply to Say 'No' to Cookies!

oh wait...this is the water cooler...not the bar... :^0 ]:)

(i forgot how to make a devil emoticon :-0 )

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well.... if SOMEONE

by NexS In reply to I like cookie...

Were currently tending her coffeeshop, then I'm sure cookies would fit into that equation..

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