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Okay...who is still here?

By jck ·
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So I've been coming here about 10 years (off and on).

Just curious...who is actually still here?

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I'm here

by john.a.wills In reply to Okay...who is still here?

every weekday morning. I even ask questions now and again, and today I responded to one. No-one so far has responded to my last question round the water cooler.

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by jck In reply to I'm here

I'm surprised Tammy didn't come chime in. I think we're maybe the black sheep of the new and improved site. lol

Nice to see you still here. I don't get on much anymore on tech sites. When I go home at night now, I usually watch silly TV shows, watch something informational about space science or history, or I play games on Steam. I'm bucking to become management level in the next several years. I believe after close to 25 years professionally coding that I'm about burnt out. I just don't have the passion for it I used to have.

I'm in the middle of wrestling with revamping an ASP.NET site at my new job and trying to get Visual Studio to remember that Intellisense should display all the time when you are referencing objects in the code editor.

Gotta love modern progress in IDEs.

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Tammy's got a issue

by OH Smeg In reply to Hmm...

With Hal constantly deleting her user account.

Actually I haven't done that for a while now but her posts stay at the top even the disabled ones so you have to look before acting. Doesn't help when there are masses of Spam around as her posts get tangeled up with those. Mind you things have got better with Highlander so that's why I'm not deleting her User Account as much these days.


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I'm still here

by OH Smeg In reply to Okay...who is still here?

Though I can not post with the Hal 9000 User Account. So you are stuck with me in one of my many Alter Ego's. Even if it's unlikely that you'll get blasted out a Airlock.


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by jck In reply to I'm still here

S'ok...I have just one ego here...and it's not at all an altered one

I have to do things like this during the workday. My brain is about fried. It's keeping me from burnout.

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My brain got fried years ago

by OH Smeg In reply to lol

Comes with working with machines that are so much dummer than yourself and users who are even dummer.

Now where did I put that Postie Note with my password on it?


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Oh that's nothing

by jck In reply to lol

I've seen the user/pass on sticky/Post-It notes on the side of monitors since the 1980s...when I'd go to the motor vehicles department and visit and remember them so I could modem into their system using their user accounts. They only thought us 13 year olds were innocent.

The worst is people sharing their acct info. And, we even had people at one place who'd get a call from a co-worker who was going to be late and they'd go log them into their computer so they'd show up as being at work and wouldn't get docked.

But the best one is emailing their acct info to the whole department when they go on vacation. Yes. The stupidity is endless.

But yeah, I'm so fried to be honest. I've been programming post-college for 22 years now, and programming as a job for almost 30. And, I've been through the ringer with jobs. 80 hour weeks, promises that were contingencies of me being hired being broken after I started working, spending $1Ks to move for a job only weeks later being told they were eliminating my department, etc.

I seriously want a job where I play video games all day at home and sit in my shorts and take breaks to watch Top Gear or Wonders of the Universe or the original episodes of Cosmos...and where I can pass gas without a thought. 8-)

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I'm not really here

by seanferd In reply to Okay...who is still here?

But I do like to stop in. Mostly to see who might be hanging about from the legacy days. Occasionally I read articles. M. Kassner is always good, and I've seen a few here and there that yet interest me from writers i don't really know.

Recently, I had renewed my disappointment with all the broken links from the email alerts, etc., I had kept. I mean, when I really want to pull up an amusing thread I recall, or find some Balthor-ism, or a comment from one of our dearly departed, it just further dissuades me from coming here, that i can't very easily locate anything. Not much with even a Goog site search.

But before I even largely disappeared, a lot of people had moved their conversation to FB, and just, no. For too many reasons, not the least because of the technical and behavioral "merits" of that platform. I much prefer normal fora and comment threads, but the UX crowd seems bent on taking such simple concepts and rendering them ridiculous, too. So, I rarely and intermittently find both a site and community I could be bothered with. And the curating of spam and idiots rather tends to be seriously lacking most places. Ah, nostalgia.

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yeah...I hear ya

by jck In reply to I'm not really here

And, I didn't even get invited to the FB thing...even though I heard about it through one person who went there.

If you wanna try to find the stuff, have you tried the internet archive Wayback? I found some old archived stuff on there.

And yeah, I haven't find a good site for both tech and just jabber like this place was about 10 years ago. It used to be laid back and fun and entertaining and informative.

Now, it seems.;..well...dead.

Sad really...some great people did good things here. Too bad "modern" tech moved in and ruined a good thing.

Glad to see you're still around. Hope you're well.

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I drop in every six or eight weeks

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Okay...who is still here?

There's not much reason to come here any more. I still get the newsletters, read selected articles, and respond to some of them. I rarely see replies being made by other readers to any comments. It's as if people want to add their two cents and move on, uncaring if others respond to them, unconcerned about responding to others. I notice a lot of comments are flagged as originating on Facebook; I can only assume that either people don't receive notice there that their comments have been responded to, or they can't find a way to reply, or don't care.

See ya in a month or two. Palmetto.

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