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Ok,I did it too !

By silverduck441 ·
Ok so I downloaded a linux distribution, called Knoppix, which now resides on the desktop but would like a bit of guidance before proceeding further. I am under the impression that this 3.2 gb,is an iso image, that allows me to run linux from a dvd and not permanately install, or partition for it.I do not have a dvd burner yet but do have nero software to burn an iso.Plan to get burner soon. Any Comments or suggetions before I proceed further would be appreciated.

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I like Sony CD/DVD burners

by stress junkie In reply to Ok,I did it too !

I have had excellent experience with two different models of Sony CD/DVD burners. Unfortunately the Sonic software that somes with the hardware is terrible.

Yes, you have an ISO image. Depending on the size you might be able to fit it on a CD.

I haven't used Nero or any other Windows based CD/DVD burning software. I've heard that you have to make sure that some option is set in order to make the CD or DVD bootable.

Knoppix is a great distribution for your first, or tenth experience. It will very likely figure out your Internet connection and graphics and sound automatically. I have had good luck with Knoppix figuring out my hardware and network during system startup.

You might want to look at the TR tag "Linux" to see a bunch of discussions on the subject.

When you open the file explorer, called Konqueror, use the tools window to select the tree view. It will then look just like Windows Explorer. You'll have Firefox for a browser. There are also other browsers but Firefox is probably the best on the Knoppix distribution. Email is either Kmail or Kontact. Office suite is Koffice. Image viewer is Kuickview. Photo editor is GIMP. You'll find that there is a LOT of software already installed. You will probably only have trouble selecting which particular applications that you prefer to use.

Have fun.

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if the iso image

by Jaqui In reply to I like Sony CD/DVD burner ...

is a bootable image you don't.

I just used a friends system to burn an iso for him.
( he was burning it as a file, not an image )

you only have to select burn from image in the options.

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by Jaqui In reply to Ok,I did it too !

is a good start.

the discussion has links to different bits of data and the article explains actually installing a dual boot system.

you didn't need to download the dvd iso, a cd iso will give you the same, just fewer applications installed.

the dvd iso files are more commonly the install to hard drive ones.

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by apotheon In reply to Ok,I did it too !

Knoppix is a great first-timer distribution of Linux. It provides a way to ease into serious Linux use by way of Debian, rather than trying to make it as difficult as possible to operate on the guts of the system like Mandrake or dropping you without even water wings into the deep end like Slackware. It provides a kitchen-sink approach to default configuration, which tends to be comforting for recent immigrants from the Land of Microsoft, and so too does KDE, which is the default GUI used by Knoppix.

It has other benefits as well. For instance, being a LiveCD, you can just boot up from the CD rather than having to actually install it. It has the best hardware detection and support of any Linux system I've ever had the pleasure to use. It's also possible to do a couple of different types of hard drive install from within the LiveCD OS environment (which means that if you can boot the CD, you can install from it, even if most installers don't recognize your CD drive).

Among the install types available is the "Debian" install, which gives you an install very similar to what you get when running from the CD, but using vanilla Debian packages for the base system so that you get true Debian archive compatibility. That, in case you aren't aware, is a Very Good Thing.

The major problem with the Knoppix distribution is only this: it's not easy to figure out how to get the installer working. It's simple to use, but not easily found. The way to do it is to open a root terminal and enter the command knoppix-installer. That's it. Follow directions, mostly just accepting defaults, and go to town. That's if you want to install to the hard drive, of course.

To burn to CD so that it's bootable, using Nero, you should have an option called something like "Make CD from Image". I don't recall the exact phrasing in the Nero interface. In any case, that's the sort of thing you'll need to use to make it a bootable CD. Just copying the ISO file onto a CD won't make it a bootable Linux CD.

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