Old (crashed) Hard Disk crashes PC from USB Connection

By colingbradley ·
My HD crashed my XP SP2 PC so I took it out, put it into a USB Caddy, plugged it in to my portable.

Now, when I power up the old drive it crashes the portable.

The portable gets rebooted and has to perform a disk check of the C: drive.

I need to read the data on the old drive, any ideas how I can safely do that?


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I'm assuming that the HDD is from a Desktop Computer not a NB

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Old (crashed) Hard Disk c ...

So set the jumper to Master and try again. If it still causes the NB to crash you Can Not use a USB enclosure to recover your data. If the data is important to you you will need to take it to a Data Recovery House where they can use their play toys to recover your data if it is recoverable.

This can get quite expensive so make sure you know the possible prices before giving the go ahead for recovery. Also check to see if there is a Quote Fee that is taken off the cost of the job as they can be quite expensive depending on the company involved.


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From Desktop PC

by colingbradley In reply to I'm assuming that the HDD ...

Yes, the HDD is from a desktop. There was just the single 120Gb drive in it so the jumpers would have been set for Master or whatever was correct. I seem to recall seeing that there is another type of setting that works quite well.

As mentioned, I may try a Linux CD startup with USB support and see if I can get at the data that way. Right now I have given the drive to a technician but if he fails, I will try the Linux option.

The professional recovery people are seriously expensive so the data may just have to be lost unless I have big bucks riding on it.

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Check your boot order.

by Mayhem1969 In reply to Old (crashed) Hard Disk c ...

Make sure that hdd is listed before usb devices. Your probably trying to boot to the OS on the usb hdd and not your laptop, causing the same error. Plug it in after you've powered up your laptop. If it crashes your system at that point, there is something funny going on.

You might also try putting it back in your desktop and try to run a windows xp repair from the windows cd on it. Not a new installation, but repair. You might also try running antivirus on it from a disk at startup or try booting in safe mode and running it.

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I agree

by Dr Dij In reply to Check your boot order.

I had a USB drive crash my PC if I left in in while booting. However if I waited till after booting, the PC sees the USB drive OK.

Only difference: this was not a 'crashed' hard drive. This was a brand new seagate 'onetouch' 750 gig.

Apparently it has some software or something that causes it to crash PCs. Since it got really hot at the base, I couldn't leave it in while booting, and the power-off switch didn't work I returned it.

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Keep the power off USB drives

by colingbradley In reply to I agree

I have 2 external drives, one firewire and the other USB (now I have a 3rd USB but that one is my current grief). I always power them off before booting up in any case, it speeds up the startup process.
When you power them up, the OS wants to run any MP3 files for some reason. I will have to see if I can disable that....hmmm, that may be a clue to getting round my crashing problem?

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Crashed the portable only when USB powered up

by colingbradley In reply to Check your boot order.

With the portable in a steady state (everything working as normal), I power up the USB caddy, the OS confirms the USB device then checks the old drive and crashes (reboot AND checks it's own C: drive)!
So, how do I even LOOK at the drive without crashing the system I am hooked into?
I managed to fry my motherboard on the desktop so in the process of getting a new one and new processor. Then I will finish installing XP on the new drive and may then try changing the jumpers on the old drive (slave) and see if I can see any data.

Failing that, it may be possible to start up in Linux from a CD and see if I can access the drive that way.
If I remove the WIN folder I may have some luck.
Still looking for anyone with ideas of HOW this is crashing my portable.

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desktop is best venue

by CG IT In reply to Crashed the portable only ...

your desktop is probably the best venue for accessing the data on the drive. If you can't wait, see if you can use a friend's desktop.

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