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    Old discussion but still a great topic


    by zlitocook ·

    I had lunch with friends the other day and we started talking about users, well it became a user war.
    My power user can do more then yours or this person zapped her hard drive by doing this. I had to post some of the things they said and wanted to know if you have other stories about your favorite user or the worst user.
    My friend from MS said that all the users could format and reinstall the O/S and every thing would be as it was when the PC was new. But one user read the email sent out but did not attend any of the training (he thinks of himself as a power user!) We the user used a boot floppy to format the drive and not the boot prompt for install from the network! After he called the helpdesk and started ranting because he lost everything, one of the desk side support people went over and told him what he did wrong and was his fault because he did not attend the classes. The classes were to show how to migrate your data to a server reboot to a network prompt reload your system and migrate your data back. And he has not bothered the help desk after that.
    The Novell guy said a user had deleted all the drives from the administrator login, so I asked her what was the Admin login; she saved the last login from the last time she needed help. She just wanted to clean up all the files she did know! We had to reload backup tapes for the day.
    She now has a special login and a new admin password has been setup for the helpdesk. One that has alot less privileges.

    My user called three times (she is one that I like because she remembers most of what I show her) and she solved all her problems before I got to her desk like to let the user drive while I show them how to fix little things. They like the idea that I trust them and they can show off and fix the same thing for someone else.
    Plus she has great snacks;)
    What are your users stories good or bad? And if you have a great help desk call or a user story that is great, please post it!

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      Worst User

      by john ·

      In reply to Old discussion but still a great topic

      This is my personal worst:

      My boss, the LAN Admin, set me to work on a project. I went to his office for input and he was viewing porn, and proceeded to converse with it still on the monitor.

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        Check company policy…

        by best_tech ·

        In reply to Worst User

        … The company should have a hard and fast rule that personal use and certain specifically proscribed uses are total no-noes for company computers.

        Then, instead of filing the sexual harassment claim you could, you report the sorry sonuvvadawg for using the company computer for porn. You will, however, need to make clear that when he is confronted it must be in person with company security present to keep him from attempting to erase the evidence and/or possibly damage the company computer he uses.

        You might want to see about installing a keystroke logging software linked into his system; since he’s the manager, there’s no way he would think HIS computer could be compromised. Most IT managers are “mere windoze users” when it comes to the work station / PC level.

        Also, start logging any comments he makes, sneers, off-color jokes, etc. Gather evidence good enough to fry him …

        I totally dislike little minds who think being Big Boss gives them the right to demean or make others miserable. Any company is better off without them.

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      A nice payment

      by blackcurrant ·

      In reply to Old discussion but still a great topic

      One of my people asked for help on their home PC – they could not access the Internet. I removed more than 2000 items of nastiness using a combination of Norton Av, Spybot and Adware, and then restored Internet Access.

      They turned up at my door the next day with a 12 pack of my favourite lager! Sweet!

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      Printer static

      by rain city bob ·

      In reply to Old discussion but still a great topic

      When I was an indy, client’s employee called about printer putting out gibberish. Went to client’s site, found out that they had had the printer repaired twice, it still didn’t work, and they wanted me to get it working. Called repair guy to see what gives. He said there was nothing wrong with the printer the first time; the second time he went to their office, and they had one of those negative-ion anti-static devices next to the printer. He told them that the device was causing the problem.

      I looked around, saw the offending device sitting on top of a file cabinet. It was being used to anchor the ribbon cable between the computer and the printer. Turned it off: problem solved–turned it on: problem’s back.

      Client’s employee didn’t want to remove device because salesman said it protected their system. I finally convinced employee to put the device in the reception area where it could protect all of their machines.

      A few months later, phone call says printer won’t work. I go through fairly extensive trouble shooting over phone (most-likely to least)–no progress. Finally I asked “Is the printer plugged into the wall?” Answer: “No.”
      “Well, plug it in!” “I can’t; the cord won’t reach.” They had moved the printer, and now there was no nearby socket.

      (Yep, they’re long ago out of business.)

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      Stupid stuff I hear as a user

      by not so dumb user ·

      In reply to Old discussion but still a great topic

      I work for a law firm. The most incredible thing I heard from a fellow paralegal (and we are supposed to be professionals) was how upset she was (said it wasn’t fair) that she couldn’t use an IM program on her computer–told her that we were in the office to work and not “chat”. Half of the people in the office are on internet dating sites and surfing the internet at least 2 or 3 hours a day–heaven help them if we ever get a keylogging program. Of course, I live in South Florida so the work ethic is not very strong.

      Our I.T. guy and I have a lovely relationship–I don’t mess with the network, very rarely do anything personal on my computer, and tell him about cool things to put on our network–like Cute PDf Writer (free Word to PDF converter) and Moffsoft calculator (prints a tape so that you can check your computations and put the tape in your file for backup)

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