old dvd rom

By timbo ·
i purchased a new DELL INSPIRON 531 computer and i want to put my old dvd cd rom drive but its 40 pin the other is sata how can i do this or is it not possible

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Some considerations........

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to old dvd rom

(1) Is the new PC running Vista? Have you checked to see if the old DVD ROM is Vista compatible?

(2) If it is compatible, is there an IDE controler on the motherboard of the new PC? Do you have an appropriate IDE cable to use? If there's no IDE controler, you might want to look at external enclosures to put the DVD ROM into. I haven't yet seen an internal IDE to SATA adapter that's Vista compatible. I may be wrong. I'm just saying I haven't seen one yet.

(3) Is there another power plug available for the old drive inside the case? If you end up using an external enclosure (or adapter if you find one), this is a non-issue. But, if you have an IDE controler inside, you'll need a power plug.

(4) Why would you want to put an older drive into a new machine? IMHO, since the new one appears to come with a DVD writer, not just a DVD ROM (based on DELL's description of the machine), I would leave it alone.

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thanks for your reply i think ill just purchase a new one much easier

by timbo In reply to Some considerations...... ...

thanks for your reply i think ill just purchase a new one that is compatible


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by TheChas In reply to old dvd rom

There are devices that allow you to connect a PATA drive to a SATA interface. Still, for a new system, I would spend the extra money and buy a new SATA DVD drive.

Check sources such as Newegg, and I think you will find that a new drive will cost not much more than an adapter.


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