Old hard drive in a new computer

By SynapsE_z ·

I bought a new hard drive maybe a month ago so it's not really old but I originally installed it on my old computer (P4). I created a dual boot and installed Vista Ultimate and Fedora 7.

Everything was working fine and then I decided I would build a new computer. My new setup is:
Motherboard = GA-P35C-DS3R
CPU = Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600
Video = NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTS 320MB
RAM = 2 GB Patriot Extreme

Any way, I thought (always a bad idea) all I would have to do was turn it on and windows would freak out because of all the new hardware and all I would have to do is deal with a bunch of found new hardware screens. To my surprise it never booted into windows (or linux).

Windows gets to the loading screen and flashes a blue screen (too quick to read) and reboots. If I boot Linux it starts loading and then freezes after saying it can't find a bunch of files.

I know my files are all there because I can see them if I load windows recovery CD or Fedora live cd. I ran chkdsk /f and other similar programs and found no errors. Any ideas on how to get this thing booted. Could it be the MBR? I would like to avoid reinstalling windows/linux if possible. Thanks.

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Could you include the spec for the old system, too?

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Old hard drive in a new c ...

It might help in making a considered comparison.

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by SynapsE_z In reply to Could you include the spe ...

I'm not 100% sure (because it's so old) but:
CPU = P4
RAM = 2 GB (different brands)
Video = ATI 9800 Pro 256 MB
Motherboard = Asus?

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Try a Repair

by IC-IT In reply to Old hard drive in a new c ...

Using the second R option.(not the first for Recovery Console).

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Second R

by SynapsE_z In reply to Try a Repair

By second R do you mean after clicking install. Will it then give me an option for repair. I've tried the repair option (not clicking install) and ran through it a couple of times. I'll check when I get home if I can find the second R. Thanks.

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I've gotten this to work once out of several attempts.

by Absolutely In reply to Try a Repair

With Windows, you stand a ghost of a chance, if you put the hard drive back in the old system, and use the Control Panel to uninstall the hardware that will not be accompanying the hard drive to its new location. Don't reboot when prompted; the same hardware will just be re-installed, defeating the purpose. Instead, uninstall the network card, then press 'No' to the reboot question. Then uninstall the sound card, again answer 'No'. Follow this pattern, from add-in cards to mainboard components to eventually the processor, then power off. You'll probably still have to use the repair option, but with less to repair and more to simply uninstall from scratch, your chances are better, in my experience.

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Not a possibility

by SynapsE_z In reply to I've gotten this to work ...

Unfortunatly, I removed most of the drives and other components out already. It would be a pain to set it up again. Thanks any way.

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Repair, dont re-install

by mrtoikka In reply to Old hard drive in a new c ...

Boot the Windows XP CD and go to REPAIR installation of windows XP, not the Recovery Console. This will, basically, set everything back to generic drivers so when you reboot you will the the thousand found new hardware message boxes.

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Same for Vista

by SynapsE_z In reply to Repair, dont re-install

Thanks, I'll try that when I get home. I assume the same thing will work for Vista.

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