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Old hardware storage

By deanr156 ·
I've looked throughout the forums and tried google and yet I still can't find out what my company's supposed to do with the outdated equipment. Sure, some of the older netfinity machines can be fixed up as linux boxes and sold/given to the staff, but what about the old hubs and routers and upteen miles of cables and wires, keyboards and mice, and server racks? Does anyone have any suggestions on what to do with outdated equipment (aside from hoping to sell it on ebay)?

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This all depends on the companys position

by jdclyde In reply to Old hardware storage

Is the company looking to clear out old equipment that is no longer useful and is costing them to store, or are they looking to sell off assets?

If the first, I would recommend an open house for employees first. Put everything on tables with numbers next to them and do a silent bid or just give it away. You get a lot of good will out of this. Just limit how much anyone can take until everyone has had a chance.

Donate to a local charity and get a tax write-off.

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Give to schools/colleges in poorer countries

by GaijinIT In reply to Old hardware storage

Search the web,and you can find technical schools and universities in other less well-financed countries who will many times be willing to pay for the shipping and tax clearances (since you are giving them away, the taxable value to them is basically zero).

Many students in these countries only learn technical subjects from books because their schools can not afford equipment - they will take anything,and sometimes your company can get a tax break (maybe? - not sure).

Anyway, you will be doing good, and recycling inthe best way.

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Donation is my Favorite Nation

by Nacromancer In reply to Give to schools/colleges ...

But before you attempt to donate any computer equipment better do what ever upgrades to it that would allow the equipment to be functional again in a school or a hospital. Most will not even accespt it unless it is totally functional.
And as far as donating the stuff to a small impoverished country eg; universities in South Africa, ya better check with the US Government first before attempting to export any technology. They have strict embargo's on computer technology being donated or sold to anyone outside the US. I know this for fact by experience. I sent several older servers and complete work stations to a friend in Australia to help him get his small business running, that equipment was confiscated by US Customs as soon as they got word of what was going out. It took a year and a half to get them to release the items for export, and by then my friend's business was shut down.
Eventually he was able to restart the business but by then everything I sent him was no good to him. So a word of warning, The US commerce Department does not like technological competition being exported. Even if the country is an ally.
And now adays even if you were to buy a digital LCD Monitor from Dell here in the US you have to signafy the fact you will not attempt to export the monitor outside of the country. You can not even take the stupid thing down to Mexico for use during a vacation. Laptops, cell phones, PDA's, tablet PC's, and the like are only allowed, but NOT recommended. Criminal elements do not have the same regard for life as you do, and when it comes to obtaining high technology...well I leave that to your imagination as to how far they will go to take yours.

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ok i can belive this

by somebozo In reply to Donation is my Favorite N ...

i cant belive US customs can be soo retarded or backward with commonly used PC's and LCD monitors. I mean come on.. what is soo special about them..infact they are itself imported from taiwan or somewhere else and the same equipement are sold to entire world even "axis of evil" by the same manufacture ..

seems like american fears are the same what soviets had during the cold war..and they encapsuled themself soo much they ended up shattered

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I agree

by pmshah In reply to Give to schools/colleges ...

Excellent idea. I do it all the time with equipment coming in for upgrades.

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Donate to Universities in West Africa

by adetoni In reply to Old hardware storage

Dear Deanr156,
there are thousands of university students in africa that would gladly take off your outdated equpment for use and experimenting and building test rigs, or just sharing the internet.
You can donate to the universities directly

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West Africa not allowed

by stevef61 In reply to Donate to Universities in ...

Sorry Dean almost anything that would be functional would be off limits. Customs would hold it forever.

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Keep an Archive

by Ted2634 In reply to Old hardware storage

I sell most aged PC's by offering employees (users) first right of refusal as and when the PC's are replaced with new machines. A token amount (around $100/-) for depreciated H/W. Network H/W is dumped and usually have to pay for disposal. Have tried passing it on to charity organisations / schools etc., (no-one wants this stuff.) I do regret not keeping one of each equipment model for display / education or training purposes. Technology really has come a long way in the past 15 years or so.

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If you just want to get rid of them...

by aldisp In reply to Old hardware storage

This is rather simple - offer them for free to organisations that are in no position to buy them. If you want to receive something in exchange - well, that is somewhat more difficult.
I can imagine that there are hundreds (at least) of small organisations and just guys out there who would love to have something like that, but they cannot afford buying things they still can do without.

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Donating can be expensive - invite salvage to bid.

by madion In reply to If you just want to get r ...

Due to tax regulations companies often times don't actually realize any $ return on donations.

This is OK if you're truly in it for the warm and fuzzy but when you add to this the burden of being called with questions, paying for shipping costs, time spent identifying what to give, and then still having to pay for disposal of garbage ...

We have been very happy working with a couple of local tech salvage comapanies. They come in, they look, they bid, the properly/legally dispose of nasties, etc. That way machines with our corporate identity don't end up in some random trash bin violating hazardous waste laws.

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