old HD in USB Box - vista asking for format

By kotchfam ·
Hi all,
After my computer died I went out and bought an external case like I've seen suggested here. The drive spins up, the computer recognizes it but when I double click on the drive its asking me to format it.
I want to get the old data off the drive.
Any suggestions for me?
I'm running vista.

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More Info

by The Scummy One In reply to old HD in USB Box - vista ...

was this the main drive (boot drive) from the old system?
What 'died' with the old system?

If it is IDE based, try making sure the jumper is set to Master position (instead of cable select or slave). See if that helps.
But usually, I would get the data from a broken MS install by using a Linux system.

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Vista tells Fat32 to go jump in the lake

by LarryD4 In reply to old HD in USB Box - vista ...

Sorry but if that HD from the old Computer is a Fat32 or below format, Vista will not be able to read it. You'll have to access it with a WinXP or a Win2K PC.

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Not True

by willcomp In reply to Vista tells Fat32 to go j ...

Vista will read and write FAT16, FAT32, and NTFS drives.

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Can't install on FAT32?

by LarryD4 In reply to Not True

Nooo really.. Am I thinking that it just can't install on FAT32?

Yes I was wrong...

It can't install on Fat32 but it can read the drives.

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The next morning

by LarryD4 In reply to Can't install on FAT32?

The post I made here last night is a classic example of why no one should answer any question on TR, while they are on their third pint of Guinness..

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by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to The next morning

Probably a good reason why Gokoo never grew any bigger.

While he's a greedy little sod consuming things as he feels like it but even Guinness is too powerful for him. :0

OH Look these girls are so poor that they can not afford any cloths.


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by OldER Mycroft In reply to Guinness??

Who in the **** is Gokoo ?

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Gokoo is a fictional charter in a Japanese Animation

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Gokoo???

Called Dragon Ball.

if you look at Larry's Avatar you'll see this charter's picture there.

Bad OM did you miss that one?

Col ]:)

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Size was never an issue :)

by LarryD4 In reply to Guinness??

Been a big DB and DBZ fan for awhile.


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Try this

by Jacky Howe In reply to old HD in USB Box - vista ...

Click Start and in the Run box type in cmd and press Enter.<br>
type in <b>chkdsk ?/r</b> and press Enter.
? = the drive letter assigned to the USB drive.
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