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    old HDD in external case not recognised/assigned drive letter: Vista


    by hannah_nicklin ·

    Hi, I have recently got a whole new set up but wanted to reuse my old Maxtor 250GB hdd, new mobo didn’t take the thing though so I bought an external casing, fitted it all fine, jumper correctly placed (master), connections all fine, however when I plug it in and connect it up vista (home premium) can’t find it, i have tried it with 2 vista computers and one xp- none of them recognise it as a drive in mycomputer, although in device manager ‘usb mass storage device’ is listed under USB and disk drives, and when I check the properties it is functioning and needs no driver updates. I have tried finding it with disk recovery software (acronis disk director suite) to no avail and tried mycomputer>manage>storage>diskmanagement, but in both cases it shows up as ‘disk 1, unknown, unreadable’. It has worked briefly once, when I swapped the usb connectionn from a powered hub to the PCI usb, at which point I got any data I wanted, formatted it (quick NTFwhatsit format) and put the stuff back on I wanted to keep there, however I turned the computer back on today and am in an identical position. Please help me!

    Thanks in advance.

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      by hannah_nicklin ·

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      Is the enlosure based on PL-2506 chipset-controller?

      by cerealdud ·

      In reply to old HDD in external case not recognised/assigned drive letter: Vista

      2nd, are you running Vista 32?
      If so, the following info may or may not help. I was running Vista 32 at the time.

      While attempting to access the enclosure with IDE hard drive enclosed, I received the following error code :
      “”Compatibility issue between Windows Vista and PL-2506 Hi-Speed USB-to-IDE controller.”
      The error message also says, ” Prolific Technology, INC., the company that manufactured the PL-2506 Hi-Speed USB-to-IDE controller, has informed Microsoft that they do not expect to offer updates to fix this problem. ” This was under Vista 32. Unless MS releases a driver patch to address this issue, there is little chance this will ever work under Vista. I also, haven’t gotten it work under XP. So I am not sure if the version of XP has updated to the point it will not work with this chipset.
      3rd, you may have to do some homework on what chipset your enclosure uses.
      If possible, I would try to find a enclosure not based on the PL-2506.

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